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Solid Waste

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1. What is the weekly schedule for solid waste (Household Garbage, Recyclables and Yard Waste) collection service?
2. If I place my solid waste (household garbage, recyclables or yard waste) out for collection and it is not picked up, what should I do?
3. What happens if my solid waste collection day falls on a holiday?
4. How many County Franchise Collection trucks should I expect to stop at my house on my designated solid waste collection days?
5. My household garbage is only collected twice a week and sometimes has an odor. What can I do to better manage the odor?
6. What is the schedule for yard waste collection service?
7. How much yard waste is acceptable for curbside collection?
8. What time can I set out my solid waste for collection?
9. Is there a weight limit for household garbage containers?
10. What is the recycling collection schedule?
11. How do I manage my solid waste before a disaster?
12. How do I manage my solid waste after a disaster?
13. Can I place furniture, appliances or other larger items at the curbside for collection?
14. I have more questions about solid waste collection services. Who can I call?
15. My garbage was not picked up, who do I call?
16. My company has some outdated product they would like to get rid of. What do we need to do?
17. Why does my company need to complete the Countywide Solid Waste Profile Form?
18. How do I obtain the disposal request form (Countywide Solid Waste Profile Form)?
19. How do I pay for my company’s waste disposal if approved?
20. How much do I pay for disposal of my waste at your facilities?
21. How do I set up a Commercial Account with the County?
22. Do I need to hire a Franchise Hauler to pick up my commercial waste?
23. Can I deliver mobile homes & trailers to your Transfer Stations for disposal?
24. My small business is located in North Tampa area. Can I deliver my own waste to your Linebaugh Facility?
25. What are some of the commercial waste materials allowed at your facilities?
26. What commercial waste materials are not allowed at your facilities?
27. What happens to my waste once it’s delivered to your disposal facility?
28. I own a Landscaping business. Where can I take my yard waste and how much is it going to cost me?
29. I am a Small business owner in the Seffner area. Can I deliver my solid waste to the Community Collection Center near Taylor Rd?
30. I have unwanted medications, how do I dispose of them properly?
31. How do I dispose of my household hazardous waste?
32. How do I dispose of my old computer or other electronics?