Bellamy Road Gravity Main Sewer Connection


The project will include the construction of approximately 1,100 feet of new, 8-inch gravity main waste water pipeline between the existing capped line north of Bellamy Road to the manhole at the intersection Bellamy Road and Rogers Vista.

The homes along Armistead Lane were constructed in 1988 as part of the Hammock Woods II subdivision. When constructed, the developer installed a dry gravity wastewater line to be connected to the PUD's collection system in the future. Residents have reported difficulties with existing septic systems during wet weather. The County anticipates improved environmental conditions to the general area, by eliminating the issues with sceptic tanks in the Hammock Woods subdivision.

What to Expect

  • Construction will take place on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • The work will involve equipment and excavation, and will generate normal construction noise
  • Access to Carillion Estate's resident will be maintained throughout the construction
  • In some areas, traffic lane closures may be necessary
  • For the safety of the workers, pedestrians and other motorists, please observe all traffic control measures
  • All construction will be in the right of way
  • All areas affected by the construction will be restored

Cost & Funding

The total cost of the project is $465,735. The project is being funded through the approved Capital Improvement Program.


  • Design Completed: April 2016
  • Estimated construction start date is end of May 2017 or Early June 2017
  • Estimated construction completion date is by fall 2017


  • Project Manager - Jayesh Bhatt, P.E., Public Utilities, Desk Phone: (813) 209-3032
  • Engineering Design Firm - Rivera, Pedro, (813) 272-5977 ext. 43323
  • After Hours Emergencies - (813) 744-5600