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Posted October 14, 2016 | 4:31 PM

Best Shredders Land Awards

Hillsborough County skateboarders display skills at spring and summer contests

Hillsborough County's top skateboarders now have formal recognition to support their soaring reputations.

After three grueling competitions that began in mid-April, skateboarders in four age categories earned Best Shredder awards after the final contest on Sept. 17. The winners received skateboarding paraphernalia.

The competition is a showcase of Hillsborough County's three extensive skateboard parks: Apollo Beach Skate Park on Golf and Sea Boulevard in Apollo Beach, Northwest Skate Park on Jackson Springs Road in Town 'N Country, and Brandon Skate Park on Providence Road between Brandon and Riverview.

The parks' designs and features vary: Apollo Beach is for beginners and offers a real street experience, Northwest is for skateboarders with intermediate skills and is the County's newest course, and Brandon is for intermediate and advanced athletes and is known as the Concrete Jungle. All the parks are staffed by people passionate about skateboarding.

The final Best Shredder competition took place Saturday at Brandon Skate Park.
Here are the winners:

  • Age 8 and younger: Arianna McGuckin
  • Ages 9 through 12: Conner Horn
  • Ages 13 through 15: Angel Gonzalez
  • Age 16 and older: Micah Gilbert
  • B-ROLL VIDEO Skaters competing at Saturday's Event: Available Here (TV Quality h.264, mp4.)
  • SOUNDBITES Arianna McGukin and Conner Horn, winners of the Best Shredder Competition Available Here

Saturday's finals were well attended, despite the approaching rain. It held off until after the competition.

"I just came out to a park and stared skating, and I just did it a lot and I started to like it," a rain-soaked Arianna said after receiving her award - a skateboard deck.

"My favorite part was when I knew I was in the finals."

Photo Information: Arianna McGukin won Best Shredder in the 8 and younger division.




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