Mobility Fees
Posted December 22, 2016 | 2:14 PM

Mobility Fee Ordinance FAQs

The Mobility Fee Ordinance goes in effect Jan. 1

On April 26, 2016 the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Mobility Fee Program Ordinance to replace transportation impact fees. Mobility Fees are a one-time charge on new development to pay for offsite transportation and transit needs that are brought about by that development.

On January, 1, 2017 these fees will go in effect. We’ve put together a FAQ to help guide you through some of the questions you may have, whether you’re building new development now, or later down the line.

What is considered new development or new construction?

  • Any approved development or project that would require a building permit for construction.

Who has to pay Mobility Fees?

  • Any new construction, or mobile homes placement. If replacing an existing or prior structure, a credit may be provided toward the Mobility Fees. Also, any change of use or occupancy may result in a Mobility Fee assessment.

Will I be subject to Impact Fees?

  • Yes. The Parks, School, and Fire impact fees are still in place. Only Transportation & Right-of-Way impact fees are being replaced by the Mobility Fee.

What are the biggest changes under Mobility Fees compared to Transportation & Right-of-Way impact fees?

  • The rates being paid have changed. Be certain that you know how they affect you.
  • The assessment zones are also changing. There are five benefit districts, as opposed to 10 for Transportation & Right-of-Way fees, and two assessment types, urban and rural. Rates in urban areas are lower than those in rural areas.   
  • There is no de Minimis provision for Mobility Fees. The provision will still apply for Parks, School, and Fire impact fees, but Mobility Fees will pay normal rates, less any credit for the prior use type.  This will change the typical $100 de Minimis fee to $100 plus the rate difference in the Mobility Fees (if any).

Mobility Fee schedules, the Ordinance, maps, and other miscellaneous information can be found on by searching for Mobility Fees.

If you have further questions not outlined here, please visit the Mobility Fee page or contact the Mobility Fee Coordinator, Ron Barnes, at (813) 276-8319, or via email at


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