PRC Volunteer

Helping Hands at Pet Resource Center

Volunteer gives love to dogs in need of a little extra TLC

Say hello to Andres! What brought Andres to Hillsborough County's Pet Resource Center was a need to be around dogs even though he wasn't able to adopt at the time. Almost four years later, Andres has continuously volunteered his time to play with the dogs that are kept in isolation due to doggie colds or other illnesses. Check out what Andres has to say about his time spent at PRC.

What made you want to volunteer with PRC?

Andres: I used to have quite a few dogs but circumstances changed and I haven't had dogs since then. I was missing the dogs and having them around so I came PRC to volunteer and it's worked out great.

Favorite part of volunteering with PRC?

Andres: I like the environment here and everybody is very friendly. Everyone cares for the animals a lot and it's nice to be around like-minded people.

What do you do for PRC?

Andres: I volunteer once a week on Saturdays and work with the E-kennel dogs. I am able to run around with the dogs and interact with the dogs a little more than the other kennel dogs.

Interested in joining Andres as a PRC volunteer? Find out how to become a volunteer.

Photo information: Andres volunteers his time to play with the dogs that aren't able to run with the other dogs during play time due to doggie colds or illnesses.

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