Friends of County Parks

We’re very lucky to have a dedicated group of people who see the value and need for a robust, healthy parks program in our county. The nonprofit Friends of the County Parks started in 1988 to promote financial and community support to our Parks & Recreation department. 

Friends mission

Their mission is to provide funds that help maintain, improve, and enhance services for young people, those with special needs, and seniors.
Some of the activities they help sponsor are:


Spring Soccer Challenge
Volunteer appreciation dinner
Therapeutic dances
Pickleball tournaments
Scholarships for summer camps


Monthly meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, except for July, August and December, when there are no meetings. 

Board Members


Peter Fowler – President
Jan Smith – Vice President
Katherine Tabor – Treasurer
Mary Fowler – Secretary
Tom Aderhold
Joan Bookman
Martha Bradley
Dianne Cox
Betty Fitterman
Lois Kessler
Jeff Mauch



For more information, visit their Facebook page or email Peter Fowler.