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Brandon Skate Park

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  1. Skateboard Park
New Summer Hours begin on June 8, 2014 listed to the side.

This is an 11,000 square-foot “obstacle street and bowl” skate park. Skate park features include: 

• Bowl: An intermediate/professional bowl with all rounded walls, two hips and two general depths. The shallow end is 6 feet deep and just under-vert, and the deep end is more than 9 feet deep with 1 and a half feet of vert. The entire bowl has pool coping and tile.

• The Obstacle Street Section: The Obstacle Street Section has two main levels that split the park in two sections. The lower section has a few street plaza elements including a granite bench set at an angle, curved ledges, a cone pole jam, a manual pad, a small but long set of 4 stairs, a brick-stamped bank with a flat bar on top, as well as a handrail and flat rail. This area also has a very wide quarter pipe with steel coping, including a 12 foot pool coping extension, a smaller pyramid with a bull-nose granite flat rail, and a steep bank and hip. The lower section is connected to the upper section with a series of banks, including a step up that connects to an escalating-transition hip.

• Transition Elements: The Brandon Skate Park also features a series of transition elements: a 6 foot corner quarter pipe leads to a long and low A-shaped quarter pipe, and ends at a series of moguls that are located throughout. A third level takes skaters to the bowl, and this area is also connected with quarter pipes and more moguls that range in heights from 2 and a half feet to 5 feet.