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Roll Carts and New Collection FAQs

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1. What is automated collection service?
2. What are the benefits of using roll carts for the collection of garbage and recycling?
3. What about yard waste? Does it go into a cart?
4. How and when will the roll carts be distributed?
5. Why was the 95-gallon cart determined as the standard size for garbage?
6. What kinds of garbage can I put in the automated garbage cart?
7. How do I dispose of garbage that will not fit in my 95-gallon roll cart?
8. Can I use my own garbage cans for automated collection?
9. How do I use the roll carts?
10. What if I am disabled and cannot take my roll cart to the curb?
11. What if I want backdoor service but I do not qualify as disabled?
12. How much space will the roll carts take up in my garage?
13. Can I request a different size cart?
14. What if the cart needs repair?
15. What if my roll cart is stolen, lost, or missing?
16. If I move, should I take my carts with me?
17. Will there be any changes in the way I pay for my solid waste collection service?