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Hillsborough County Classification and Pay System
Hillsborough County Civil Service Board uses a classification system which groups positions into broad classes based on the similarity of duties and responsibilities and the knowledge skills and abilities required to do the work. The pay plan is based on market rates with a focus on external competiveness and internal equity.

Job Descriptions / Classification and Compensation Resources
All Classified Jobs and Job Descriptions
Job classification descriptions provide more detailed information on the jobs in Hillsborough County. Information includes major duties, knowledge, skills and abilities and minimum qualifications needed to qualify for the job.

Job Content Questionnaire
View helpful job resources for completing the Job Content Questionnaire.

FY2014 Classification and Pay Plan
The pay plan provides a compensation framework and establishes pay ranges for each job in the classification system.

FY2014 Classification and Pay Plan in Excel format
The classification and pay plan is available in Excel format to allow users to sort, filter and analyze the data.

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For questions about job classifications and the pay plan, contact us at (813) 272-5625