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Council of Hillsborough County Governments
Council of Hillsborough County Governments (COG)
The Council of Hillsborough County Governments was created by interlocal agreement on January 24, 1975; as authorized by Ch. 163.02, Florida Statutes.

  • To study the area government problems including but not limited to matters affecting health, safety, welfare, education, economic conditions, area development.
  • To promote cooperative arrangements and coordination among the members.
  • To make recommendations for review and action to the members and other public agencies that perform local functions and services within the county.

COG Bylaws

Member Appointment

Comprised of two designated elected officials from each jurisdiction in Hillsborough County, which includes the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, Hillsborough County School Board, Plant City, Temple Terrace, and City of Tampa.
  • Maximum Membership: 10 Members.
  • Length of Term: By appointment of the various appointing authorities.
  • Authority: Interlocal agreement, January 24, 1975; Ch. 163.02, Florida Statutes

COG 2012-2013 Membership Roster

Meeting Time & Place
The annual meeting as set by the chairman and any special meeting upon the call of the chairman.

September 5, 2012 Annual Meeting