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Curbside Collection and Recycling
Available Services
The Public Works Department, Solid Waste Management Division contracts with three private companies to collect residential garbage, recycling, and yard waste in unincorporated Hillsborough County. This service is paid for through a non ad valorem solid waste collection and disposal assessment on the annual property tax bill.


Residents receive two garbage pickups, one recycling pickup, and one yard waste pickup per week. Click here to find out the collection schedule and service provider for a particular address.

Disabled customers who are physically unable to place their garbage or recycling roll carts curbside for collection may apply to the Public Works Department, Solid Waste Management Division for disability backdoor service. Residents who qualify through the application process will receive the backdoor service at no charge.

These items go in the BLUE recycling cart. They can also be delivered to one of the drop-off locations listed for General Recyclables on the Solid Waste Disposal Guide.

  • Glass bottles and jars 
  • Aluminum cans and foil 
  • Steel and tin cans 
  • Aseptic containers and gable top cartons (milk jugs, juice boxes) 

  • Paperboard (cereal boxes, food and beverage boxes) 
  • Mail, magazines, newspapers and advertisements 
  • Writing papers, pads and notes 
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened) 
  • Paper bags 
  • Any other paper that is clean, unsoiled and tears 

  • All plastics labeled No. 1 through 7 on the bottom of the item (including foamed Polystyrene/Styrofoam) 
  • Grocery and shopping bags 
  • Plastic packaging 
  • Plastic film (cereal box liners, clean plastic storage bags) 

Bundle up loose plastic bags, plastic packaging and plastic film into a single bag, and tie securely, before placing in the cart. Toss all other recyclables into the cart, without bagging.

These items CANNOT be processed:
  • Soggy or soiled paper that has been used for cleaning people or pets 
  • Light bulbs 
  • Glass windows, mirrors, dishes and cups 

For More Information
Call the Solid Waste Management Division,  Customer Service Representative at 813-272-5680.