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Franchise Hauler Container Service

Available Services
Container trash service is available to all county businesses approved for disposal simply by contacting one or all of the three designated franchise collectors for competitive pricing.

Solid Waste Profile Forms

If your business has a contract for waste hauling service with one of the Franchise Haulers listed above, your business must complete the Solid Waste Profile Form online, available at www.hillsboroughcounty.org/WasteProfileForm.

If your business meets one of the conditions below, please contact the Public Utilities Department, Solid Waste Management Group at 813-209-3045 or send an email to to obtain a paper form:
  • If your business plans to self-haul solid waste to a Public Utilities Department, Solid Waste Management Group disposal facility.
  • If your business has yard waste or non-hazardous materials requiring special handling prior to disposal, such as asbestos-containing materials, industrial sludge, waste tires, empty containers or construction and demolition debris.