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Council on Aging
This Council advocates on behalf of older adults for the betterment of their well being and to provide input to the Department of Family and Aging Services, Division of Aging Services, including the Board of County Commissioners, on matters relating to the quality of life of older adults.

The membership of this Council shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of 15 members.  Composition is specified as follows:

Hillsborough County Commissioners - one member each
  • Must be over the age of 60

Agency Representatives - four members as follows:
  • West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Shall be a Provider of services to older adults
  • A  University or College of Gerontology, Aging Studies, or related field of study

Citizen's Representatives - four members as follows: 
  • Caregiver for older adults
  • Recipient of services for older adults who is over the age of 60
  • Member of the faith based community
  • Shall have significant experience in elder law matters

Members shall serve staggered terms as follows:
  • BOCC Representatives - two year terms
  • Agency Representatives - three year terms
  • Citizen Representatives - initially three year terms, subsequent two year terms

  • Appointment to this Council is contingent upon passing a criminal background check.

BOCC Resolution R10-132, passed and adopted 9/22/2010.

To be determined.


Member Position / Appointed By Dates of Service
Ms. Adele Baydin Caregiver for older adults  1/09/2013 -

Commissioner Victor Crist  
Ms. Terry Castro Commissioner Mark Sharpe   4/12/2011 -
Ms. Jeanne Cohen Recipient of services for older adults who is over the age of 60    3/02/2011 -  3/31/2016* 
Dr. Kathryn Hyer   University or College of Gerontology, Aging Studies, or related field of study  3/02/2011 -  3/31/2016*
Ms. Kelly Kelley Department of Children and Families    3/02/2011 -  3/31/2016*
Ms. Maureen Kelly   West Central Florida Area on Aging    3/02/2011 -  3/31/2017* 

Ms. Lynette Peel Commissioner Sandra Murman   5/13/2013 -
Ms. Grace Puterman  Commissioner Ken Hagan   3/02/2011 -  3/31/2015*
Ms. Patricia Robinson  Commissioner Kevin Beckner   4/12/2011 -  4/30/2015* 
Pastor Larry Roundtree II  Faith Based Community Representative  11/06/2013-
  Commissioner Al Higginbotham   
Mr. John Skinner  Commissioner Lesley Miller  5/10/2013 -
Ms. Lisa Smiler Provider of services to older adults   3/02/2011-


Contact Information
Mary Jo McKay
Aging Services Division

County Center, 25th Floor
601 E. Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL