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Family Child Care Home Advisory Board

This Board annually reviews and advises the Board of County Commissioners on recommended amendments to the Family Child Care Homes Licensing Ordinance of the Rules and Regulations Handbook including recommending and assisting the local licensing agency in the development and implementation of training materials for child care personnel; advising the local licensing agency on matters of licensing policy, procedure, and priorities; and proposes additional rules and regulations regarding the intent and purpose of the ordinance.

The membership of this Board shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of 11 members.  Composition is specified as follows:

  • Hillsborough County School System Early Childhood Education Supervisor or representative
  • Hillsborough County Health Department Senior Administrator or representative
  • Hillsborough County Fire Department representative
  • The President or representative of a Child Care Providers Association
  • Four licensed Family Child Care Home owners representing all segments of the community
  • Two parents from the public-at-large who have a child enrolled in a licensed Family Child Care Home
  • A representative from a governmental or non-profit agency serving the needs of young children and their families

Members shall serve three year terms.

Chapter 402, Florida Statutes; Hillsborough County Child Care Homes Licensing Ordinance 05-9.

Appointment to this board is contingent upon passing a criminal background check.

Quarterly, 3rd Thursday, 7:00 PM
3110 Clay Mangum Lane, Bldg 39
Tampa, FL 33618


Member Position Dates of Service
Ms. Cynthia Chipp  Licensed Family Child Care Home Operator Representing all Segments of the Community 12/03/2014-
Mr. Van Fritz Health Department Representative  7/21/2004 - 12/31/2016*
Ms. Juanita Hoyle  Governmental or Non-Profit Agency Service the Needs of Young Children and Their Families   6/05/2013-
Ms. Kathy Jones Licensed Family Child Care Home Operator   5/19/2010 - 12/31/2015*
Fire Marshall Stephen Kendricks Hillsborough County Fire Department Representative  1/06/2010 - 12/31/2015*
Mr. Steven McComis  Parent who has a child enrolled in a licensed family day care home  11/06/2013-
Ms. Debbie Pintar Licensed Family Child Care Home Operator 12/16/2009- 12/31/2015*
  Early Child Education Program  

Child Care Providers Association Representative
  Parent who has a child enrolled in a licensed family day care home  


Contact Information
Mike Bross
Acting Manager

Family and Aging Services
3152 Clay Magnum Lane
Tampa, FL 33618

813-264-3925 ext. 562