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Doing Business with Hillsborough County

Vendor Registration / How to Find Bid Opportunities
Hillsborough County uses DemandStar by Onvia to notify vendors of Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners' bidding opportunities. To receive notifications, vendors must register with DemandStar online or by calling 1-800-711-1712. By registering, vendors who have downloaded a bid opportunity will automatically receive notification of related addenda.

It is important to choose the appropriate commodity codes to reflect the offerings of your firm. 
Please note, if you register solely for Hillsborough County BOCC under the Onvia DemandStar Free Agency checkbox, there is no cost for this bid notification service.

Any vendor that registers for a Free Agency account for Hillsborough County BOCC will also be automatically signed up with the City of Tampa, Florida.   

New Hillsborough County is implementing a new Oracle computer system called "iSupplier." Suppliers must be registered in iSupplier to view the status and history of any purchase order(s) issued, as well as view the status of receipts, invoices and payments.  In the near future, registered suppliers will use iSupplier to receive email notifications of current bid opportunities, download solicitation documents and submit bids online.  During the transition to iSupplier, the County will continue to publish bid opportunities with DemandStar.

Suppliers doing business with Hillsborough County should initiate the iSupplier registration process by accessing iSupplier Registration.  After registering, suppliers will receive an approval notice to access the iSupplier Login.

See the iSupplier Training Guide to learn more and the list of Commodity Codes to assist in choosing all the codes your business can provide.

If you experience issues during the registration process, contact Hillsborough County's Oracle Help Desk by calling 813-307-7160.

Other Ways Hillsborough County Makes Purchases

Informal Purchases

  • Hillsborough County department directors and designated staff are responsible for making smaller purchases necessary for day-to-day operations. These purchases do not exceed $10,000.
  • An Invitation to Quote (ITQ) is a solicitation for a commodity or service where multiple competitive quotations are obtained. ITQ’s do not exceed $25,000.

Purchasing Cards
– Certain Hillsborough County staff are responsible for making smaller purchases necessary for day-to-day operations, and can do business with vendors who accept VISA credit cards. The Purchasing Card limit is $10,000 per transaction.

Local Government Agencies with Separate Purchasing Authority - The Local Government Agencies in Hillsborough County exercise independent purchasing authority, but may cooperate in joint purchasing for savings or convenience.

Alterative Payment Options

Hillsborough County offers two electronic payment solutions to improve cash flow and reduce the cost and inefficiency of paperwork.  They include: 

ePayables: The ePayables Electronic Payment Solution replaces check payments with a VISA credit card account. ePayables payments will be processed via a credit card and merchant services fees will apply.

To enroll, complete the ePayables Enrollment Form and either mail to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Finance, PO Box 1110, Tampa, FL 33601-1110 or fax to 813-276-2257.

For more information, contact Linda Wheat, Purchasing Card Program Administration, 813-301-7078. 

ACH (Direct Deposit): The ACH solution replaces check payments with a direct deposit to the vendor's bank account. There are no fees associated with this payment type.

To enroll, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, and mail the original form to:
Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Finance
P.O. Box 1110
Tampa, FL 33601-1110.

For more information, call 813-307-7080.