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Trauma Agency
In 1987, the local Emergency Medical Planning Council [EMPC] advocated for the development of a countywide trauma system to the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners [BOCC]. During the same period, the Florida Legislature passed a legislation to establish trauma systems at the local or regional levels. In the following year, the BOCC appropriated money to study the proposal further, followed by authorization of matching funds with a State EMS grant to establish a local trauma system. As a result of these efforts, the Hillsborough County Trauma Agency [HCTA] was created in 1989. The matching grant subsidy supported the Trauma Agency until 1992 when a restructuring of its operations could be accomplished and funding secured from Hillsborough County’s General Fund [property tax revenue]. The HCTA has been in operation ever since. It is one of four such bodies in the state (Palm Beach, Broward, and North Central Florida Trauma Agency are the others)

The Hillsborough County Trauma Agency’s (HCTA) purpose is to reduce the incidence of death, disability and complications from injuries by planning, coordinating, and evaluating the county's trauma care system, which includes public access, pre-hospital care (air and ground ambulance services), acute hospital care and rehabilitation services. These activities, together with injury prevention efforts, can greatly lessen the human and societal costs of trauma.

Location & Services

Hillsborough County's trauma resources and geographical location holds important implications for its trauma system. The HCTA's jurisdiction, one of Florida's 19 trauma service areas, has both Tampa General Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital, a level I and level II adult / pediatric trauma center respectively. These facilities which comprise two of the state's 22 trauma centers, provide not only the highest level of care for Hillsborough's severely injured citizens and visitors, they also treat injured residents of outlying counties not served by a trauma center. Additionally, Tampa General Hospital has the specialized services for burn and brain and spinal cord injured victims. There are eight other acute care hospitals with emergency departments in the county that receive and treat trauma patients.

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