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Patient Assistance Program
About the Patient Assistance Program
Commonly referred to as PAP, a Patient Assistance Program provides people who have limited incomes with free or low cost prescription drugs from the drug manufacturer. 

How Patients Get Drugs 
By completing the Authorization and Release Form, the drug manufacturer will be contacted by our PAP advocates so the patient can begin receiving his/her drugs for free. 

When Patients Receive Drugs 
Patients will be able to pick up their drugs from the pharmacy for the first two months. After that, they will begin to receive their drugs through the mail. View more information about pharmacy delivery.

What Patients Need to Do
They must complete the Authorization and Release Form and return it to their pharmacist. The pharmacist can give patients the Authorization and Release Form or they can contact our PAP advocates at 813-935-7600.

Contact Information
Patients should contact our PAP advocates at 813-935-7600. Their job is to help patients with their prescriptions.