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Rec2Six and Camp Days
Online Registration 
Online registration for Rec2Six and Camp Days is open now. Get started by clicking on the link below, then click on "Need an account"


Rec2Six provides after-school care for children in grades k-5, following the Hillsborough County school calendar.

  • Monday – Friday, from 2 p.m. - 6 .m.

Weekly Rate
  • $76 per two-week period - Full rate
  • $60 per two-week period - With current reduced school lunch letter 
  • $40 per two-week period - With current free school lunch letter

Rec2Six joins America’s movement to raise a healthier generation of kids, by encouraging healthy lifestyle-choices through physical activity and nutrition education.

The Rec2Six program follows the Hillsborough County School calendar and is available on early release and non-student/teacher planning days.

    Rec2Six is offered at the following community centers
      • Brandon, 502 E. Sadie St. in Brandon, (813) 635-8179
      • Egypt Lake, 3126 W. Lambright Street in Tampa, (813) 975-2103
      • Mango, 11717 Clay Pit Road. in Seffner, (813) 635- 7489
      • Northdale, 15550 Spring Pine Drive in Tampa, (813) 269-1366
      • Roy Haynes, 1902 S. Village Ave. in Tampa, (813) 903-3480
      • Ruskin, 901 6th St. in Ruskin, (813) 672-7881
      • Thonotosassa, 10132 Skewlee Road in Thonotosassa, (813) 987-6206
      • Westchase, 9791 Westchase Drive in Tampa, (813) 964-2948
      • Winston, 7605 Destin Drive in Tampa, (813) 744-5539

      Program Elements

      • Physical Activity- using the nationally-recognized SPARK (Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids) curriculum, program participants will spend 40-60 minutes each day in active structured play and skill building. Students are evaluated at regular intervals for improvements in fitness, coordination and manipulative skills
      • Proper Nutrition- in partnership with Hillsborough County Extension, participants will be introduced to healthy food choices in a variety of program elements.
        • Community Center Garden- each Rec2Six site will develop a community center garden unique to the site. Some may use containers, some raised beds. Participants will work together to determine the disbursement of the produce, with options to share with senior group, participate in a farmer’s market, or prepare the foods at the center in a cooking class.
        • Each community center garden will be incorporated as a year-round project, with children in the spring planting a crop that may not be harvested until summer, and summer campers planning a fall garden.
        • Healthy Plate- as part of the nutrition element, each site will follow the eight session My Plate curriculum, which has replaced the Food Pyramid in teaching children proper nutrition. The foods from My Plate will correspond with produce from the gardens.
        • Food Deserts- Many Rec2Six participants do not have access to healthy food choices. The program encourages identification of places in the child’s neighborhood to obtain healthy choices.
      • Homework Assistance- each participant will be required to spend ½ hour daily in quiet study time, this time will be used to complete homework or read. Assistance will be available from staff. This is not a tutoring program, but rather a time to develop critical thinking and encouraging children to complete homework before parent pick-up.
      • 4-H- in partnership with Hillsborough County Extension’s 4-H Program, each Rec2Six site will select a program module for further enrichment activities. Participants will spend 1-2 hours per week in a variety of different activities, each unique to the facility. Program choices may include robotics, building a butterfly garden, entrepreneurship, environmental learning, photography, theater arts, or visual arts. Program selection will be based on the individual site, and all staff will be trained to lead the chosen curriculum.
      • Enrichment Activities- Each site is equipped with technology to encourage and enhance the Rec2Six program elements.
        • Computer stations assist with homework, game consoles encourage active game choices.
        • Most facilities have a Wii Fit and Wii Sports program where children gain fitness and coordination skills while participating in active play.
        • Field Trips- each Rec2Six program will take 4 experiential field trips annually (this may include a mobile program coming to the site) which relate to the 4-H program.

        the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department encourages community partnerships to enhance the Rec2Six after-school program. In addition to the County Extension office and 4-H as outlined above, our community centers partner with active senior groups, local businesses, and non profits to enhance programs and events. The Recreation Services Division has implemented procedures for staff to use when developing new partnerships and proposals.


      Rec2Six participants will:

      • Enjoy and seek out physical activity
      • Develop and maintain acceptable levels of physical fitness
      • Develop goals for physical activity and healthy food choices
      • Develop the ability to get along with others in a competitive environment
      • Learn to nurture and care for living things
      • Take pride in accomplishment
      • Find places in their neighborhoods that offer healthy foods (grocery stores, farmer’s market)
      • Use homework time to promote critical thinking
      • Participate in unique enrichment activities deigned to expand the horizon of each child by exposing them to new activities.
      • All program elements are integrated and interrelated. Activity staff is trained in basic child care principles, 4-H leadership and receives ongoing training in the gardening component and special interest activity. Each site is currently childcare licensed by Hillsborough County.

      Camp Days
      Don’t let no-school days become a logistical nightmare of scrambling for last-minute sitters, paying high prices for drop-in day care centers, or using up vacation days. Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation offers Camp Days as the perfect solution for all those teacher planning days, no-student days, and Winter and Spring break days
      Daily Rate
      • Camp Days are only $7.60 per day
      Camp days are offered on the following dates: 

      • Oct. 21 
      • Nov. 25, 26 and 27 
      • Dec. 23, 26, 27, 30 and 31 
      • Jan. 2, 3 and 21, 2014 
      • Feb. 7, 2014 
      • March 10-14, 2014 
      • April, 18, 2014

      Camp Day Locations
      Camp days offer fun-filled days when school is closed at the following locations: 

      • Brandon Recreation Center, 502 East Sadie St. in Brandon, 813-635-8179 
      • Egypt Lake Recreation Center, 3126 W. Lambright St. in Tampa, 813-975-2103 
      • Gardenville Recreation Center, 6219 Symmes Road in Gibsonton, 813-672-1120 
      • Jackson Springs Recreation Center, 8620 Jackson Springs Road in Tampa, 813- 554-5004 (teens only) 
      • Mango Recreation Center, 11717 Clay Pit Road in Seffner, 813-635-7489 
      • Northdale Recreation Center, 15550 Spring Pine Drive in Tampa, 813-264-8956 
      • Roy Haynes Recreation Center, 1902 S. Village Ave. in Tampa, 813-903-3480 
      • Ruskin Recreation Center, 901 6th St. SE in Ruskin, 813-672-7881 
      • Thonotosassa Recreation Center, 10132 Skewlee Road in Thonotosassa, 813-987-6206 
      • Westchase Recreation Center, 9791 Westchase Drive in Tampa, 813-964-2948 
      • Winston Recreation Center, 7605 Destin Drive in Tampa, 813-744-5539