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Reported Road Closures

Schedule Of Reported Road Closures For County Roads

The following Hillsborough County roads are those where permits have been granted for scheduled closure.

Indicates date extension.

Closings last updated: MondayAugust 29, 2016. This list is sorted by road

 Road From To Reason Closed From Closed To Alternate Rt.
2nd Street S.E. Shell Point Road 2nd Avenue S.E. Replace Bridge #104317 over Ruskin inlet 12/18/2014
8:30 AM
5:00 PM
From 2nd Street SE to Shell Point Road to US Highway 41 to 2nd Avenue SE to 2nd Street SE
 12th Street NE 19th Avenue NE 11th Avenue NE  Replace existing CMPW/30" RCP Class IV, Install 2XEW for 30" RCP per FDOT index #250, Restore all disturbed areas to existingconditions. 08/24/2016
   9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From 12th Street NE to 19th Avenue NE to US Highway 41 to 7th Avenue NE 9th Street NE to 11th Avenue NEto 12th Street NE
24th Street S.E. 3rd Avenue S.E. State Road 674 (College Avenue) Full reconstruction of New Southbound lanes 24th Street S.E. 03/30/2014
9:00 AM
   4:00 PM
From 24th Street S.E. to 3rd Avenue S.E. to 21st Street S.E. to State Road 674 to 24th Street S. E.
 Bellamy Road
Ehrlich Road Penrose Court Demo Bridge Rail 08/23/2016
9:00 PM
   6:00 AM
From Bellamy Road to Penroce Court to Radcliff Drive to Trail Creek Place to Silver Moon Avenue to Willowdale Road to Rawls Rad to Hutchison Road to Ehrlich Road to Bellamy Road
 Center Street 9th Street 13th Street Women's Conference 10/14/2016
   9:00 AM
   4:00 PM
No Detour
 Center Street 9th Street 13th Street State Wide Minister's Meeting 10/24/2016
   9:00 AM
   6:00 PM
No Detour
 Center Street 9th Street 13th Street Youth Conference 11/10/2016
   5:00 PM
   5:00 PM
 No Detour
 Center Street 9th Street 13th Street Chamber of commerce city event 12/09/2016
   12:00 PM
  8:00 PM
No Detour
 5668 Fishhawk Boulevard/Osprey Ridge Drive Soratrace Street Fishhawk Boulevard Road Race Temporary Road Closures 11/24/2016
   7:00 AM
  11:00 AM
 Gunn Highway Citrus Park Lane Olive Jones Road Demo Exisiting Bridge Railing, Begin Overhang 09/06/2016
   10:00 PM
   6:00 AM
From Gunn Highway to Ehrlich Road to Lynn Road to Gunn Highway
 Headland Hills Avenue Hi Vista Circle Hi Wista Circle Excavate around existing manhole, locate sewer break, repair 8" PVC sewer line. Backfill and restore roadway. 08/15/2016
   9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From Headland Hills Avenue to Hi Vista Circle to Headland Hills Avenue
 Mapledale Drive/Northdale Boulevard Ragg Road East Course Drive  Road closure for annual Northdale 5k Pumpkin Run  10/29/2016
    7:45 AM 
   9:00 AM 
No Detour Controlled By Law Enforcement
Maydell Drive Palm River Road Adamo Drive Bridge Maintenance Concerns 12/21/2015
1:00 PM
4:00 PM
From Maydell Drive to Palm River Road to S. 50th Street/US Highway 41 to Adamo Drive/SR 60 to Maydell Drive or From Maydell Drive to Adamo Drive/SR 60 to S. 78th Street to Palm River Road to Maydell Drive
 Pentail Circle at Fulmar Avenue     Sinkhole Remediation  01/25/2016
   9:00 AM
    4:00 PM
From Pentail Circle to Fulmar Drive to Sugarwood Place to Stork Court to Cactus Wren Place to Fulmar Drive 
Rawls Road
Lake Bella Vista Drive Willowdale Drive  Bridge Deck Placement for Veterans Expressway 08/30/2016
   8:00 AM
   5:00 PM
From Rawls Road to Hutchison Road to Ehrlich Road to Bellamy Road to Penrose Court to Redcliff Drive to Trail Creek Place to Bitter Orange Avenue to Willowdale Road to Rawls Road
 Salem Street Waltham Avenue Four Oaks Road Installation Sewer Line  09/05/2016
   9:00 AM
   5:00 PM
From Waltham Avenue to Lynn Road to Four Oaks Road to Salem Street
 N. Thatcher Avenue W. Idlewild Avenue W. Flora Street Install a sewer gravity  lateral from the property line to our sewer main line for the resident  08/29/2016
   9:00 AM
   5:00 PM
From N. Thatcher Avenue to W. Henry Avenue to N. Hubert Avenue to W. Idlewild Avenue to N. Thatcher Avenue
 Watercolor Drive
Jasper Glen Drive Circa Fishhawk Boulevard Neighborhood Block Party 09/04/2016
   2:00 PM
   6:00 PM
No Detour