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Citrus Production
Access newsletter archives, bulletins, and an events log for the citrus-growing community of the state.

Commercial Fruits & Vegetables
Learn about the vital role that strawberry, blueberry, and vegetable producers play in the Hillsborough County economy.

Environmental Horticulture Production
See how Environmental Horticulture Production is improving the commercial nursery, greenhouse, and sod production industries in Hillsborough and Polk counties.

Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises
Learn how small farms and alternative enterprises benefit our community and the challenges they face.

Contact Information

Chris Oswalt, 744-5519 x 54131

Fruits & Vegetables

Alicia Whidden, 744-5519 x 54134

Environmental Horticulture Production

Shawn Steed, 744-5519 x 54147

Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises
Susan Haddock, 744-5519 x 54103