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Proposed Development On Bloomingdale Ave.
  Project Title:
Proposed Development on Bloomingdale Avenue Near Lithia Pinecrest Road
 Updated Information February 5: 

 Updated Information January 15:

  • Public Meeting scheduled for Feb. 4 to discuss Bloomingdale Area Transportation Improvements 

Updated Information December 13:


Updated Information August 20:

 Updated Information June 25:

 Updated Information May 21:

  • Commissioner Higginbotham To Meet With Residents On The Proposed Bloomingdale Ave. Development On June 10 (news release)

Updated Information May 15:

  • Watch the May 15 BOCC Meeting Agenda Item - F-6 Bloomingdale/Lithia Pinecrest Mixed Use Development (video)
  • Read the County Attorney's Opinion on the Bloomingdale/Lithia Pinecrest Mixed Use Development (PDF)
General Information:
On Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, the developer Redstone Properties Inc. received preliminary site plan approval from Hillsborough County for a proposed development on Bloomingdale Avenue near Lithia Pinecrest. This means that the preliminary site plan the developer submitted met the requirements in the County's Land Development Code. The County has worked with the developer on the requirements for site access, which typically involves turn lanes or other improvements at the entrance points. The County cannot require any improvements in excess of the Land Development Code. The approved preliminary site plan and Access Analysis submitted by the developer for this proposed development are available online. 

In order for the development to progress, the developer must next submit a checklist items and pay associated fees, which at this time has not been done. However, the developer has submitted an updated traffic report, or Transportation Concurrency Analysis, in May 2013 (original submitted in April 2013) to determine the proportionate share for this project. This updated report is still under review, and the County's concurrency review (road impact review) is taking place at this time.

The County does not know if or when the developer will submit a construction plan for review, nor of any target date the developer may wish to for their proposed development to be complete. However, Section of the County's Development Review Procedures Manual states:
If after six (6) months from the date of preliminary site development plan approval a site development construction plans have not been submitted, the preliminary site development plan approval shall expire. Otherwise, the applicant shall have one year from the date of the preliminary site development plan approval to obtain site development construction plan approval.
What Businesses Will Go Into The Proposed Development?

Hillsborough County does not know what specific businesses the developer has in mind for this proposed development, and no specific businesses' names are noted on the documents that have been submitted by the developer.

Road Impacts:

There have been concerns expressed that Bloomingdale Avenue and Lithia Pinecrest Road are currently failed roads, meaning that the number of vehicles on the road exceeds the adopted level of service. Per the Hillsborough County Level of Service Report, Lithia Pinecrest Road near this site is a failed road, while the portion of Bloomingdale Avenue near this site is not.

As provided by state law, the developer of this proposed development is pursuing a proportionate share contribution to the County in order to address the transportation concurrency requirements. This means that the developer would enter into an agreement with the County to provide payment for the project’s transportation impacts on nearby failing roads (once existing roadway deficiencies are accounted for by the County).

Property Zoning:

In 2003, the site identified in Redstone Property, Inc.'s preliminary site plan was rezoned to Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)–Greenfield through a standard rezoning public hearing process.

In 2011, development regulations in the Land Development Code were revised, through the text amendment process, making all TND–Greenfield zoned properties become known and regulated as properties designated for Mixed Use Development. All properties with either zoning designation prior to Feb. 1, 2012, are subject to these text amendments.

Public notice was provided in The Tampa Tribune in advance of the proposed text amendments changes.
Because the text amendments were a zoning code change, and not a change specific to any particular property(ies), community signage about the hearing was not required or used. 

The Land Development Code amendment process requires two public hearings with the Board of County Commissioners, and for the Planning Commission to vote on the proposed change's consistency with the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The proposed text amendment changes followed these requirements and received approval by both bodies.

For Additional Information:

Call Community Affairs - Neighborhood Relations at 813-307-3564.
05/15/2013 BOCC Meeting, Item Item F-6 Bloomingdale/Lithia Pinecrest Mixed Use Development - Video