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County Water & Sewer Projects
Dawnview Sewer Force Main Replacement and Northdale Reclaimed Water Main Replacement
The Public Utilities Department is planning Capital Improvement Program (CIP) sewer force main and reclaimed water main replacements in the Dawnview and Northdale areas to improve service reliability.

Herchel Heights – City of Tampa Interconnects
The $400,000 project will install two additional interconnections with the City of Tampa to supply water to the Herchel Heights area, which is provided water service by Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department.

Herchel Heights Fire Protection Improvement
The $950,000 project will install 33 additional fire hydrants and upsize water mains that supply fire hydrants, where required, in the Herchel Heights area.

Mitchell Master Wastewater Pump Station Rehabilitation
This project consists of the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Mitchell Master Wastewater Pump Station. The site is located on Mitchell Street approximately 650 feet east of the intersection of Mitchell Street and Pauls Drives in Brandon.

Northwest Hillsborough Wastewater Consolidation Project
The project retires two aging wastewater plants, the Dale Mabry Wastewater Treatment Plant and the 
River Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant, and consolidates treatment at the Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility. 

Oakhill, Melrose and Taylor Water Interconnect
The goal of the $365,000 project is to reduce the number of dead-end water mains in this area, resulting in improved water quality and system reliability.

Pine Street Force Main Replacement
This $1.5 million project will replace an existing wastewater force main along Pine Street and the boundaries of Hillsborough County's closed Hillsborough Heights and Taylor Road landfills, between U.S. 92 and C.R. 579.

Pine Street and Old Hillsborough Avenue Force Main Replacement
This $600,000 project will replace an existing wastewater force main along a section of Pine Street and along Old Hillsborough Avenue, from Pine Street to Parsons Avenue.

Riverglen Water Valves Replacement
This project will make improvements to the water distribution system infrastructure in the Riverglen subdivision in Riverview by replacing approximately five dozen valves on water pipelines throughout the subdivision.

S.R. 674-Phase II Sewage Pipeline
The $8 million project will install approximately 11,000 feet (2.1 miles) of 30-inch sewage force main pipeline from Cortaro Drive and S.R. 674, to the South County Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Sailfish Drive Area Water Main Upgrades
This project will replace existing asbestos concrete and thin-walled PVC water mains in the community around Sailfish Drive in Brandon to improve water quality and service reliability.

Stall Road Pump Station Rehabilitation
The project will bring the existing Stall Road Master Pump Station to current Hillsborough County Public Utilities specifications and standards and provide reliable pumping backup in case of emergencies.

Sun City Fire Protection Improvements
The Sun City Fire Protection Project is part of a multi-year program to improve fire protection in neighborhoods that don't have sufficient amount of fire hydrants by today's development codes.

Waterset Reclaimed Water Storage Tank and Pump
The project will include design and construction of an above ground storage tank and pump station to provide reclaimed water service to the Waterset community in the Apollo Beach area of southern Hillsborough County.

Williams Road Water Pipeline
The project will include construction of approximately 6,400 feet of 12-inch water pipeline along Williams Road, from Bartolotti Loop south to U.S. Highway 92; additional fire hydrants along the new segment of pipeline; and directional drilling of two, 1,200-foot long, 16-inch casings under Interstate 4.