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Unidentified Remains
This page contains descriptions of all unidentified remains found in Hillsborough County in the last four decades. Call 813-914-4567 to speak to an investigator about matching one of these unidentified bodies to a missing person. View FAQs for links to websites for unidentified remains found outside Hillsborough County.

Table of Unidentified Remains

12-5970 09/21/2012 Found in Woods at Bassa St/North St., Wimauma, Fl
Decomposed African American male, age range 45-65 years old. 6'2", unknown weight, found in woods in Wimauma. Clothing: Blue pants, black tennis shoes, black belt. Image
 11-6840  11/07/2011  E. Sligh Ave/N. 54th St, Tampa, Fl W/M skeletal remains, age 50-80 years, 5'8" found in wooded area. Red jacket, Brown pants, white shirt found near dec'd. Completely edentulous antemortem with no signs of dentures  Image
11-00914  2/07/2011  Falkenburg Road at Highland Manor Drive, Tampa  White male. 5'8," 151 lbs. Gray hair. Brown eyes. Forehead has distinctive lump. Clothing: Large plain red Champion t-shirt, XL long sleeve Moose Creek blue-green-yellow flannel shirt, medium Black Blizzard Prof Ultra hoodie, green and yellow Joe Boxer underwear with white ducks on them, Wrangler blue jeans size 12 x 34, black / brown belt, medium black sweater with Marine and skull with wings on front and Semper Fi written on back, long sleeve red button-up sweater (no size label on it), brown size 12 Rockport shoes, black socks. Homeless.  Image
10-06799  11/8/2010  East Hillsborough Avenue at North 56th Street, Tampa  White male. Decomposed. 50-60 years, 5'7", 95 lb. Gray hair and beard. Blue jeans, blue shirt, white socks, black belt. Black watch. Homeless, lived in wooded lot.  Image
10-06625  10/31/2010  Bypass canal west of US Highway 301, Tampa  White male, possibly Hispanic. Decomposed. 18-40 years, 5'2", 154 lb. Black hair, red mustache.  C-shaped scar on left forearm. Cast yellow gold crowns on teeth # 7, 8, 9, and 10. Small black Adidas shorts, blue large Fruit of the Loom underwear.  Image
09-04023  6/25/2009  2356 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa  White male. Decomposed. 35-50 years, 5'6", 115 lb. No scars or tattoos. Short black hair. Short black and grey beard. Black belt, red shirt, black shoes, blue trousers.  Image
09-01777  3/14/2009  65 feet northeast of corner of Palmet Surano Road, Wimauma  White male, possibly Hispanic. Skeletal remains. 12-20 years, 5'9"- 6'3". Jeans with "ICE POLE USA" stitched on both legs with a "ICEPOLE" label, leather wallet with chain and "CHOPPER" embroidered.  Image
08-01023  2/14/2008  In the Alafia River, Riverview  White male. 45-60 years, 5'5"; 141 lb. Viewable. White and gray hair, brown eyes, 1/2 inch mustache and beard. Gray t-shirt; gray trousers. No scars, tattoos, or birthmarks. No jewelry.  Image
06-03346  5/30/2006  South Bay Hospital (ER), Sun City Center  White, possibly Hispanic, male. Estimated 25 years old. 5'3", 152 lb. Short, black hair; brown eyes; moustache. No scars or birthmarks. Tattoos: left chest-praying hands holding a rosary; right arm-"DFI"; right forearm-Virgin Mary; left forearm-"RML" with a wreath around it; left forearm-cross; unidentifiable tattoo in web space between thumb and index finger of left hand. No jewelry. AKA: Gonzalez, Raul (computer generated image)  Image
06-03168  5/21/2006  Tampa Bay, Tampa  White, possibly Hispanic, male. 30-35 years, 5'7", 172 lb. White, short sleeve t-shirt (Hanes-large); dark, green athletic shorts with "TC" near leg hole; black, denim pants with "Rustler" tag above right rear pocket, athletic socks, brown shoes (Tom McAnn- size 10 1/2). (Computer generated image)  Image
06-03033  5/15/2006  Port Sutton Canal, Tampa  Male. Decomposed remains. Unknown age, 5' 3", 120 lb. Short, straight black hair; indeterminate eye color. Short-sleeved checkered shirt- size 12/14, dark bikini underwear- size XL/40. No scars or tattoos.  No Image  
06-01351  2/26/2006  Brorein St at Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa  White male. Decomposed remains. 35-65 years; 5' 6"; 112 lb. Black t-shirt, black slacks, black socks, black undershorts. No scars or tattoos. Color of hair and eyes indeterminate. $4,304 found on body.  No Image  
06-00026  1/2/2006  1525 East College Avenue, Ruskin  White male. Skeletal remains with partial skull. 30-50 years, 5'11"-6'1". Healed fractures of left thigh bone, collar bone, and left foot. Tooth #19 has model yellow gold inlay/outlay; #14 appears to have had a full crown preparation.  Image
05-05551  9/21/2005  Homeless camp site at 3021 East Adamo Drive, Tampa  Male of indeterminate race. Skeletal remains. 55-65 years; 5'9". White tennis shoes, black pants, black sweatshirt / jacket.  Computer generated image. Most likely origin is Florida.
05-03165  5/23/2005  3125 South 50th Street, Tampa  White male. Decomposed. 50-60 years; 5'10", 146 lb. Indeterminate hair and eye color. Scar on right lower abdomen. Two tattoos on left lower leg. Multi-colored shirt, blue shorts. Knapsack with "Scot, Love Mom" handwritten.  No Image  
05-01290  2/19/2005  On board ship, Pacific Ocean  White male. 30-40 years, 5'4"; 163 lb. Black hair, 1/4"-1" long. Eye  color indeterminate. Patchy black facial stubble. Brown belt, blue trousers, blue underpants, multi-colored shirt, t-shirt. Black wristwatch, chop stick, yellow paper, green bag, foreign coin. FBI case #GF021905  Image
04-03467  6/11/2004  11415 East Broadway Avenue Male; indeterminate race. Decomposed. 20-35 years; 5' 8". Dense curly black hair. No tattoos or scars.  No Image  
03-04788  8/29/2003  9113 Lazy Lane, Tampa  White, possibly Hispanic, male. 25-45 years, 5' 7", 159 lb. Short black hair, brown eyes, black moustache. Tattoo "E" & "J" on left arm. Round scar on right shoulder. Scar on left and right sides of chest. Two scars on left hand. Incisors and canine teeth have white metal caps. Black boots, blue T-shirt, white socks, white brief style underpants. Alias of "Esteban Jiminez".  Image
03-01491  3/11/2003  Water pit east of Henry George Road, Plant City  White male. 5 ft 6 in, 143 lb. Dark, curly to wavy hair up to 4 inches long. Natural good dentition. No scars or tattoos. Circumcised. Dark, short-sleeved shirt, showing ALWAYS NIGHT and Day," large. Red and wine colored briefs, FTL, medium, 34-36.  Image
02-05365  10/8/2002  Interstate 75 at Highway 92  White male. Incomplete skeletal remains. 30-60 years, 5'5" to 6'1". Fracture of left thigh (femur). "L" shaped compression device or plate with 4 screws (Ser #240.44 A3DP 473). Lower mandible has 5 teeth. Black T-shirt, Indeterminate color shirt, jacket, and pants. REFER CASE # 98-00120
Most likely origin is Europe, probably Germany.
02-00990  2/15/2002  Underbrush near 9th green of Caloosa Country Club (Highway 301, 1 mile south of NE 19th Avenue, Sun City Center White male. Skeletonized. 55-65 years, estimated 5' 8". Brown hair. Evidence of healed facial trauma near right eye. All teeth missing well prior to death. Clothing: tattered white plastic pants with elastic waistband, dark pin-stripped men's suit jacket, "Faded Glory" brand entirely tattered t-shirt.
Most likely origin is Florida.
No Image  
01-01718  3/22/2001  State route 574 east of Sydney Dover Road, Dover  White male with dark complexion. Approx. 25 years, 5'5", 149 lb. 3 inch black hair, thin black moustache and goatee, and brown eyes. Teeth in good repair. Scars on right arm. Uncircumcised. Clothing: Blue pants, multi-colored shirt, green jacket, blue undershorts, blue socks, gray shoes, and red hat.  Image
00-03423  6/18/2000  Vacant Lot at 709 South Howard Ave, Tampa  White male. Approx. 40 years, 5'7", 130 lb. Shoulder-length brown hair, unkempt brown beard and moustache, and brown eyes. No upper teeth. Lower teeth rotted to the gum. Clothing: Blue pants, gray shirt, green jacket, tennis shoes (gray with blue decoration). Jewelry: White metal watch with blue face and black band.  Image
98-04105  8/14/1998  Causeway Boulevard east of bridge  White male. Partly skeletonized. Estimated 5'6". Clothing: Creamy-tan, short- sleeve button shirt with collar (label Expressly World), size 8 Voit shoes, blue pleated pants (label Wayne), Devil Rays baseball cap. White pocket knife.  Image
98-01909  4/6/1998  3040 Knights Griffin Road  Black male. Skeletonized. Approximately 25-45 years, 5'7" - 5'9". Clothing: None
Most likely Jamaica is place of origin
97-04775  10/15/1997  43rd Street south of 7th Avenue, Tampa  Male of unknown race. Decomposed. Unknown age; 5'3", 106 lb. No tattoos or other identifying marks. Clothing: None  No Image  
95-06189  12/28/1995  6505 South 6th Street Male, black skull. Age undetermined. Clothing: None
Not from Florida, origin is possibly Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee or Missouri
95-05270  11/4/1995  State route 674 east of Highway 39  White male, dark skin, possibly Hispanic. Late 20s or early 30s, 5'0", 146 lb. Wavy brown hair with slight frontal balding, shorter on sides, shoulder length in back. Moustache, brown eyes. Uncircumcised. Clothing: Green jeans - size 29 Jordan brand; brown belt; print motif long sleeve shirt; red, white and blue vertically striped jockey shorts; and white sweat socks with blue trim.  Image
95-02209  4/29/1995  Wooded area northeast of 400 Bearrs Avenue White male. Skeletonized. 56-65 years, 5'6". Clothing: None. Computer generated image.  Image
93-01284  10/21/1993  Warehouse at 1701 east 2nd Avenue, Tampa  White male. Decomposed. No age range, 5'4". Clothing: yellow t-shirt and Britannia brand blue jeans.
Origin most likely Florida
93-01121  9/17/1993  Abandoned building at 2901 North 21st Street Black female. Decomposed. No age range, 5'2", 93 lb. Jewelry: 3 "bangle bracelets left wrist, ring with turquoise colored stone in debris beneath hands. Clothing: Scarf like garment indeterminate color near head. Street name of "St. Pete". No Image
92-00344  3/18/1992  Vacant, gutted structure at 512 East Baker Street Asian ancestry male. 20-30 years, 5'5", 126 lb. Wavy, dark brown hair; mid-neck length. Left upper abdomen has a 3" vertical scar. Red sweatpants, white undershirt, black shoes, white socks.  Image
89-00408  5/29/1989  Abandoned residential pool at 10010 North Lantana Street White male. Decomposed. 18-45 years, 6'0", Blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, blue tennis shoes, and black belt.  No Image  
88-00698  8/27/1988  Alley behind 703 West Bay Street White male. 60-70 years, 6'0"; 136 lb. AKA "Lloyd"; known street person.  Image
88-00554  7/13/1988  Wooded area on West Crest Avenue between Lois and Manhattan Avenues Male. Skeletonized. 25-35 years, 5'0"-5'3". Upper and lower partial dental plates. Light colored socks, blue slacks (31inch waist), leather knife shield for belt (without knife), hospital gown (marked St. Joseph's, 8-70), pocketed T-shirt, white jockey shorts and off-white, Italian-heeled, single-strapped shoes with open instep.
Born in Europe, moved to Florida around 5 years before death.
88-00220  3/14/1988  Wilderness Park of Morris Bridge Road Male, ancestry Asian. Skeletonized. 28-34 years, 5'6". Clothing: Blue jeans, T-shirt with "Drunken State" on front, jockey shorts with blue and black vertical lines, size 8 1/2 dark jogging shoes. Blue cloth velcro wallet.
Most probable location of origin would be China or South Korea
87-00829  10/24/1987  Wooded area 1/2 mile south of Andrew Road, 1 mile east of McGrady Road Male of indeterminate race. Skeletonized. 37-45 years, 5'5". Clothing: None
Most likely from Central /Northeastern US
86-00968  11/25/1986  Ditch along 1031-1235 Fowler Avenue White male. Mostly skeletonized. 50-60 years, 5'10". Clothing: None  No Image  
86-00428  5/8/1986  Vacant lot at 5th Avenue and 19th St  Probable black male. Mandible, hand bone, and part of face bone. No photo available.  No Image  
86-00148  2/6/1986  Trash dump, 2nd Avenue between 31st and 34th Street Skeletonized black female, 5'2", age range 16-22. Clothing: None

85-00945  12/7/1985  Wooded area off Washington Boulevard, east of 50th Street, Tampa  Black female. Decomposed. 20 - 30 years, 5'0" - 5'-2", 112 lb. No clothing.  No Image  
85-00441  5/24/1985  6/10 mile west of dead-end of Adamsville Road, Gibsonton  White male. Decomposed. Over 40 years. 5'8". Crown on left upper first molar. Tan long sleeved shirt, brown pants, white t-shirt, white jockey shorts, red-brown ankle boots, and brown socks.  No Image  
85-00010  1/6/1985  Grassy area behind southwest corner at 1701 South 20th Street, Tampa  White male. Decomposed. 45-65 years; 5'10"; 101 lb. White and black shirt, green trousers, grey sweater, brown socks, blue cap, red bandana, and black belt. Dentures -upper and lower.  No Image  
84-00488  5/29/1984  State Route 674, east of 12th Street, Ruskin  White male. 50-60 years, 5'6"; 161 lb. Straight brown hair with slight greying and extensive frontal balding. 1/2 " facial beard. Edentulous upper jaw.Lower jaw edentulous except for # 22 and # 27. Long-sleeve blue plaid shirt, red socks, blue jeans.  Image
83-00994  12/6/1983  1103 Cumberland Street, Tampa  White male. 40-60 years, 5'11"; 157 lb. Short brownish-gray wavy hair. One right lower canine and 1 right upper canine; no other teeth. Hazel eyes. Tattoo of two dice and "JW" on right leg. Brown belt, white socks, blue trousers, blue shirt.  Image
83-00729  8/30/1983  2121 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa  White male. Decomposed. 50-60 years, 4'7"; 60 lb. White shirt, green trousers, brown work boots. Frequented area for two years.  No Image  
82-01005  12/30/1982  Orange grove  Skeletonized white female. 45-50 years, 5'2" - 5'4". Full upper dentures. Old fracture of left cheek. Clothing: Blue jeans and panties near body.  Image
82-00881  11/12/1982  3 miles South of Tampa on US Hwy 41 Hispanic male, approx age 35-45, 5'3", 146 lbs. Was wearing blue/white shirt, red/blue and white slacks and brown shoes. Image
82-00759  10/2/1982  Unnamed lake north of Highway 301 at entrance ramp to Interstate 4 Male. Decomposed. 5'6"; 95 lb. Mixed brownish and grey hair. No clothing.  No Image  
82-00607  7/27/1982  Wooded area at Highway 301 and State Route 574 White male. Skeletonized. No age range. 5'3". No upper teeth. Clothing: jeans and T-shirt of indeterminate color.  Image
81-00575  6/18/1981  Hillsborough River behind Curtis Hixon Center, downtown Tampa  Male of apparent middle eastern origin. 18-35 years, 5'4 1/2"; approx 135 lb. Image
79-00154  2/10/1979  Lot east of 309 South Caesar  Black female. Skeletonized. 26-30 years, 5'3". Clothing: None.  Image
76-00069  1/15/1976  Tampa Incinerator Probable black male. Charred body. Approx 21 years, 5'10".  No Image  
75-01398  9/23/1975  Orange grove, near cemetery on Timmons Road, Thonotosassa  White female. Skull, upper portion only. 17-25 years.  Image