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Pet Registration / Tags
Pet Owner Responsibilities
Hillsborough County's Animal Ordinance requires all dogs, cats, and ferrets four months of age or older to be vaccinated against the rabies virus and issued an official county pet registration tag. As part of Hillsborough County’s ordinance, all dogs must wear the tag when outside. Cats are required to either wear their county tag, be microchipped or tattooed, or have an ear tag when outside.

Where to Get a Tag
Official County pet registration or rabies tags may be obtained from the Animal Services department's front counter as long the pet's current rabies certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian, is on file with (or provided to the department) at the time of the pet's registration.  Please understand that Animal Services is not allowed to utilize your pet's billing receipts or medical bills from the veterinary provider, but must be shown the actual rabies certificate of vaccination.

Cost of Tags
The nominal cost of annual pet registration helps to fund the investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty in our county, as well as the spaying / neutering of shelter pets.
  • Registration fees for ferrets are $5.
  • The registration tag cost (for cats and dogs) is just $20 for a sterilized animal (spayed or neutered) and $40 for a non-sterilized animal.
  • Senior citizens 62 years old or older receive a discount and may purchase a tag for a sterilized cat or dog for $5, or $25 for an unsterilized cat or dog.

Benefits of Tags
Unlike simple name tags from retail stores, only your pet’s official Hillsborough County registration tag lets others know that your lost pet has been safely vaccinated against rabies, and is safe for sheltering until the owner can be located.

A registration tag is a free phone call home for a lost pet. County tags make locating the owner of a lost pet fast and easy. Just enter the tag number in the Pet License Database to retrieve the pet owner’s contact information.  In this way, you can help return a lost pet to its owner quickly without waiting for assistance from an officer.

Pet registration tags even help officials when planning for disaster-related events and possible evacuations. Hillsborough County Animal Services is the department responsible for emergency response for animals (companion pets) in disasters. There are four pet-friendly evacuation shelters in our county. Pet vaccinations should be current for admittance and are required for admittance to both public or private shelters.

To contact Animal Services, please call 813-744-5660.