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The Mosquito and Aquatic Weed Control section protects the health of Hillsborough County residents by controlling nuisance and disease transmitting mosquitoes through the use of integrated pest management practices. Mosquito and Aquatic Weed Control provides service for all of Hillsborough County, including for the residents of Plant City, Tampa, and Temple Terrace.

Our trucks spray at 5:30 PM using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) technology that emit micro droplets of pesticide which linger in the atmosphere until they encounter a mosquito. Aerial sprays are done by helicopter or airplane at 7:00 PM with pesticide Anvil 10+10 ULV to control adult mosquitoes.

Disclaimer: Mosquito control activities are largely weather-driven, therefore it is not possible for Hillsborough County Mosquito and Aquatic Weed Control to publish a treatment schedule in advance. We can, however, show you where we've been concentrating our efforts, by truck and by aircraft.

Date Area Boundaries Method Zone/Area
05/20/2015  MacDill AFB Truck Spray  Zone 156 
05/20/2015 Alafia River, I-75, Big Bend, Tampa Bay  Truck Spray Zone 128
05/20/2015 Harney, I-75, SR 580 Truck Spray Zone 90
05/20/2015 Everett, Manhattan, South Port Bdry, Picnic Island, Tampa Bay Truck Spray Zone 71
05/20/2015 Waters, Kelly, Hillsborough, Sheldon Truck Spray Zone 13
05/19/2015 19th, I-75, College, Hwy 41 Truck Spray  Zone 147
05/19/2015 SR 60, County Line, Keysville, Turkey Creek Truck Spray Zone 133
05/19/2015 Hillsborough River, Rowlett Park, SR 580, I-275 Truck Spray Zone 87
05/19/2015 I-275, MacDill, Bay to Bay, Dale Mabry  Truck Spray Zone 58
05/19/2015 Lowell, Dale Mabry, Gunn, Anderson Truck Spray Zone 29 
05/15/2015 Alafia River, Balm Riverview, Big Bend, I-75 Truck Spray Zone 129
05/15/2015 Alafia River, I-75, Big Bend, Tampa Bay Truck Spray Zone 128
05/15/2015 Progress, Alafia River, I-75 Truck Spray Zone 125
05/15/2015 Causeway, I-75, Alafia River, 78th Truck Spray Zone 124
 05/14/2015 Adamo, 78th, Causeway, Tampa Bay Truck Spray Zone 118
05/14/2015  Manhattan, AFB boundary, Tampa Bay, Picnic Island Truck Spray Zone 71
05/14/2015 Crosstown, Bayshore, Gandy Truck Spray Zone 65
05/14/2015 I-275, Manhattan, Henderson canal, Tampa Bay Truck Spray Zone 56
05/14/2015 SR 580, I-275, Hillsborough River, Esther, Hillsborough River Truck Spray Zone 44
05/13/2015 Little Manatee River, Hwy 301, County Line, I-75 Truck Spray Zone 155
05/13/2015 Lithia Pinecrest, County Line, CR 672, CR 39 Truck Spray Zone 138
05/13/2015 Adamo, McKay Bay Nature, Harbour, Tampa Bay Truck Spray Zone 69
05/13/2015 Harbour Island Truck Spray Zone 68
05/13/2015 Fletcher, Oregon, Waters, Dale Mabry Truck Spray Zone 30
05/13/2015 Lutz Lake Fern, Dale Mabry, Van Dyke, Gunn Truck Spray Zone 5

**Watch the Florida Department of Health Mosquito Safety Public Service Announcement

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    P: 813-635-5400