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Inspections & Investigations
This section is responsible for providing an effective fire prevention inspection program and enforcing the state adopted Florida Fire Prevention Code. The section also reviews plans for new buildings, remodels, additions, and performs acceptance inspections for life safety systems.

Building Fire Code
New Construction requirements in the fire code provide the optimum in life safety. Whether the structure is being built as an apartment complex, high-rise office building, restaurant, theater, commercial, or industrial property, the primary goal is to protect the inhabitants and property. For residents, consumers, visitors, workers, and business owners, history has proven the need for built-in safety. Properly designed fire protection systems alone are not enough. The inspector’s job is to ensure that after the self-extinguishing fire equipment is installed, the system properly protects the business occupancy and is functionally ready to activate when needed.

Fire Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement and compliance is the key in the protection of citizens, businesses, and visitors of Hillsborough County. Regular inspections help ensure the fire code is being observed. After a building is constructed, it is the fire inspector’s duty to make sure that it is maintained in compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code as adopted by the state over the life of the structure. Many buildings are older and have changed use numerous times over the years – often times far different than the original intended use. It is imperative for the Fire Marshal’s Office to stay current with these changes, especially in light of how others may be affected, specifically those who may be living, working, or visiting the property.

Plans Review
Plans Review personnel have expertise in up-to-date fire and life safety code requirements, state-of-the-art building design, fire protection systems and equipment, emergency egress, emergency water supply systems, and ever-changing technologies, including special extinguishing and fire alarm systems in a variety of industries represented in the unincorporated areas of Hillsborough County. Their vital work ensures fire safety for new and existing occupancies ranging from residential and commercial projects such as high-rise developments, planned communities, shopping malls, hazardous materials storage warehouses, and more.

Special Events

Special Events also vary a great deal in Hillsborough County, from conventions and parades, specialized pyrotechnic displays, worldwide sporting events on land and sea, concerts, and seasonal attractions of all kinds. It is the fire inspector’s role to make sure a host of codes and regulations for each venue are in compliance so that everyone involved stays safe and first responders have emergency access if needed.

Inspection Request
To request an inspection contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 813-744-5541, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Payment Methods
To pay your inspection fees, please call our billing company, ADPI at 813-280-9810.