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Community Statistics
What industries in Hillsborough County employ the most people? Are we gaining jobs faster than the nation? How do incomes in Hillsborough County compare to Florida as a whole? What's the condition of housing and commercial real estate markets? These and other related issues are common questions that may be asked of any local area. Historical data can point to trends or changes in trends in these issues.

There are many reasons for making these data available. For example, a user can research the the level of poverty, or population growth. Someone considering moving to Hillsborough County might be interested in data such as population trends, the ages of County residents, or employment by industry. A business might be interested in the types of industries located in Hillsborough County or taxable sales. A student may be looking for information to use in a research project. A Girl or a Boy Scout may need community information in order to complete a merit badge.

To develop these indicators and their supporting data, the Business and Support Services Department used reliable and well-documented information sources. The following economic and social indicators present data on these and other subjects such as inflation, banking, and poverty. These indicators present a broad view of an issue and are readily accessible on the internet. Other indicators exist in these categories but were not chosen due to their more narrow scope or lack of accessibility, clarity or comparability to other geographic areas.

Each link in the left pane leads to a page with a detailed explanation of the indicator and with links to data presented in graphs and in tables. Emphasis is placed on trends and growth rates, rather than the level of the given indicator. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format. Each page also contains internet links to the data source(s) for those who require an in-depth treatment of a subject.

Please contact the Management and Budget Department if there are any questions, comments or suggestions about the indicators, data, or links.