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Land Development Code Amendments
2014 Land Development Code Amendment Schedule

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    The Hillsborough County Land Development Code (LDC) includes zoning, site development, and subdivision regulations. The intent of the LDC is to promote and preserve public health, safety, and welfare. For counseling or questions regarding the LDC, call (813) 272-5600.

    Land Development Code Amendment, 2014 Round 1, BOCC Public Hearing April 24, 2014

    Land Development Code 14-0471 - Third Draft Posted 04/18/2014
    Update the Land Development Code to Implement the Comprehensive Plan's Policies on calculating density for multi-family development on constrained parcels.
    Project Manager: Matt Lewis, AICP, Executive Planner, Planning and Zoning Services Division, Development Services Department, 813.307.4507,

    Land Development Code 14-0472 - Second Draft Posted 04/18/2014
    To sunset the mixed use/tnd district while allowing existing development under the district to remain in conformance with the Land Development Code
    Project Manager: Matt Lewis, AICP, Executive Planner, Planning and Zoning Services Division, Development Services Department, 813.307.4507,

    Land Development Code 14-0473   WITHDRAWN
    The amendment corrects the internal inconsistency in Section 6.05.02 of the Land Development Code that requires all off-street parking areas to be paved while also requiring large scale commercial uses to provide a minimum number of pervious parking spaces.
    Project Manager: Catherine M. Hartley, AICP, CNU-a, Senior Planner, Development Services, Community Development Division, Hillsborough County BOCC, 813.272.5705,

    Land Development Code 14-0474 - Second Draft Posted April 18, 2014
    The purpose of this amendment is to update the Land Development Code to implement the vision, goals, and strategies of the Ruskin Community Plan by codifying guidelines for residential development in neighborhood areas identified in the adopted Ruskin Community Plan as a land development regulation.
    Project Manager: John E. Healey, AICP, Executive Planner, Community Development Section, Development Services Department, Hillsborough County BOCC, 813.276.8393,

    Land Development Code 14-0062   ADOPTED
    LDC 14-0062 The purpose of this amendment is to codify a new use, Freestanding Emergency Room.

    Land Development Code 14-0063   ADOPTED
    LDC 14-0063 The purpose of this amendment is to minimize the potential for disruption of traffic circulation in the vicinity of private and charter schools.

    Development Review Procedures Manual (DRPM) 14-0383   ADOPTED
    DRPM 14-0383 The purpose of this Development Review Procedures Manual (DRPM) text amendment is to amend Section 5.2.1 by adding Section, addressing implementation of changes to the Land Development Code associated with text amendment LDC 14-0063.

    Applying for a Land Development Code (LDC) Amendment
    Amendments are initiated by submitting a text amendment application. If the amendment is initiated by an individual or entity outside the county, they must first attend a mandatory application pre-submittal conference and then submit the application and pay the fee by appointment. To schedule an appointment to submit a completed application contact the Zoning Counseling Center by phone at 813-272-5600.

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