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Hillsborough County Civil Service Board

The Hillsborough County Civil Service Board is a shared-services or centralized provider of services related to filling jobs, managing jobs, managing employee records, and ensuring fair treatment of employees.

The Civil Service Board serves 21 independent County Agencies who have nearly 10,000 combined employees.  With a total staff of only 29, the Civil Service Board provides these services at an very efficient ratio of 1 staff member to every 344 employees.

The Citizens of Hillsborough County realize considerable cost savings by using a single, central organization to provide these services to many government agencies.  While a shared-services approach is common in private business, it is not common in Florida government.  The Civil Service Board is one of many ways that Hillsborough County Government achieves high marks for efficiency and effectiveness.

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The Hillsborough County Civil Service Board hires a director and staff to run the Civil Service Office, which is responsible for administering the day-to-day details of the board's responsibilities under its enabling act. For example, applications for employment are received and processed by the Civil Service Office staff on behalf of the Civil Service Board members. The Civil Service Office serves over 10,000 full-time and part-time employees and over 70,000 applicants per year. The Civil Service Board currently serves the following agencies:

Civil Service Board Members
Hillsborough County Civil Service Board Members are volunteers from the community who are appointed by the Governor of Florida.  They receive no monetary compensation for their work.

  • Scott Strepina, Chair
  • Simon Canasi, Vice Chair
  • Victoria Butler, Board Member
  • Bill Tennant, Board Member
  • Al Perotti, Board Member
  • Ernie Trichler, Board Member