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Affordable Housing Advisory Board

This Board advises and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and Affordable Housing Officer on issues affecting affordable housing development, and to assist the County in developing new programs and policies in order to foster the development and preservation of attainable housing for those County residents who desire to live in safe, decent, and affordable housing.

The membership of this Board shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of 20 members plus an alternate voting member for each local government appointee. Composition is specified as follows:

Nine members will represent the following governing bodies:

  • Hillsborough County Commission (plus 1 alternate)
  • HC City-County Planning Commission (plus 1 alternate)
  • U. S. Rural Development Agency (USDA) 
  • Tampa Housing Authority
  • Tampa City Council  (plus 1 alternate)
  • City of Tampa (plus 1 alternate)
  • City of Plant City (plus 1 alternate)
  • City of Temple Terrace (plus 1 alternate)
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Ex-Officio)

Eleven members shall represent the following categories: 

    • Advocate for very-low or low income persons in connection with affordable housing
    • Apartment Industry Representative
    • At-Large Representative not actively engaged in affordable housing
    • Citizen actively engaged in the residential home building industry in connection with affordable housing
    • Citizen representing employers in the jurisdiction
    • Citizen representing essential services personnel as defined in the Local Housing Assistance Plan
    • For-Profit Affordable Housing Developer
    • Home Builders Industry Representative
    • Mortgage Lending Industry Representative
    • Non-Profit Affordable Housing Developer
    • Real Estate Sales Industry Representative
    • Citizen representing those areas of labor actively engaged in home
            building in connection with affordable housing

    Members shall serve three year terms. 

    After two full consecutive terms, a member shall not be eligible for reappointment until three calendar years have elapsed from date of termination of the second term.  The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners member shall not have a term limit.  Resolution R08-124, approved 9/04/08, extended the term limits of the original members by one year.  

    BOCC Resolution R07-052, adopted March 21, 2007.

    Every other Month, 1st Monday, 9:00 AM
    County Center, 26th Floor
    601 E. Kennedy Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33602

    Member Position / Appointed By Dates of Service
    Ms. Nicole Adams  City of Plant City - Alternate   6/19/2013 -
    Mr. Charles Bruck  Citizen Actively Engaged in the Residential Home Building Industry in Connection with Affordable Housing    1/09/2013-
    Ms. Evelyn Butts At-Large Rep Not Actively Engaged in Affordable Housing 12/07/2011-   9/30/2015
    Mr. David Buyens  City of Plant City   6/19/2013-
    Mr. Luis Carrero U. S. Rural Development Agency   9/21/2011- 
    Mr. Ainsley Daux  Advocate for Very-Low Income Persons in Connection with Affordable Housing   1/09/2013-
    Mr. Cristan Fadal  Real Estate Industry Representative 10/07/2009-   9/30/2015
    Mr. Jonathan Greaves Home Builders Industry Representative   5/16/2012-
    Commissioner Al Higginbotham  BOCC 11/18/2014-
    Mr. Eric Isenbergh  For-Profit Housing Developer        3/20/2013-
    Ms. Vanessa McCleary  City of Tampa   12/03/2014-
    Council Member Lisa J. Montelione Tampa City Council   7/13/2011-   7/31/2017*
    Mr. Leroy Moore Tampa Housing Authority  8/01/2007-
    Mr. Pedro Parra  HC City-County Planning Commission    1/09/2013-
    Council Member David Pogorilich  City of Temple Terrace    1/09/2013-
    Mr. John Schilling Apartment Industry Representative   3/19/2014-
    Mr. David Snyder Non-Profit Affordable Housing Developer   1/22/2009-   8/31/2016*
    Mr. Mark Thurston
    Citizen Representing Employers in the Jurisdiction
     -  U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  -
     - Mortgage Lending Industry Representative   -
     - Citizen Representing Essential Services Personnel as Defined in the Local Housing Assistance Plant  -

    * Reappointed

    Contact Information
    Paula Harvey
    Director Affordable Housing Services

    1208 Tech Blvd. Suite 300
    Tampa, FL 33619