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Senior Citizen Discount

Hillsborough County (County) offers one (1) Senior Citizen Discount on the County’s Annual Solid Waste Disposal Assessment.  This assessment (fee) is included as part of your annual property tax bill, which is mailed to you on November 1, each year.  Please read more details below:

  • You must apply for the Senior Citizen Discount on or before May of the current calendar year, to receive a discount on the County’s Annual Solid Waste Disposal Assessment that appears on your annual property tax bill as a non-ad valorem assessment.  This bill is mailed to you in November of the same calendar year.
  • To qualify for the solid waste Senior Citizen Discount, you must be at least 65 years of age by January of the following calendar year.  
  • You must own and live in the single residential unit you list on your Senior Citizen Discount application.  In addition, your residence must be located within the County’s solid waste service area.
  • The County offers only one (1) solid waste Senior Citizen Discount per single family residential household.
  • Once you (the homeowner) are approved, the reduced solid waste fee (Senior Citizen Discount) shall be reflected on your property tax bill in November, every year, as part of your non-ad valorem solid waste assessment.  
  • You do not have to apply for your solid waste Senior Citizen Discount again unless you move, sell your home, or change the status of the ownership or occupancy of your home.  
  • To obtain a Solid Waste Senior Citizen Discount Application, please click here.

You may either deliver your completed Senior Citizen Discount Application to our office located at 

332 N Falkenburg Rd
Tampa, FL 33619

or mail your application to: 

Hillsborough County/PUD
P.O. Box 342456
Tampa, FL  33694
Attn:  Francene Ross-Lewis

NOTE: The Hillsborough County Public Works Department, Solid Waste Management Department reserves the right to randomly audit the Senior Citizen Discount roll to verify that individuals receiving this discount meet the minimum qualifications.