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Children's Services Advisory Board
This Board examines and advises division management on the development and operation of programs that treat children with special needs.  The Board also advises on training programs, homeless and runaway youth programs, domestic violence programs, child care licensing, clinical outreach, and residential treatment programs for children in Hillsborough County.

The membership of this Board shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of 21 members. 

Five members will represent the following agencies:
  • Tampa Police Department
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Hillsborough County School Board
  • Head Start Policy Council

Members shall serve four year terms.

  • Nominees are to have a demonstrated interest in the welfare of children.
  • Appointment to this Board is contingent upon passing a criminal background check.

Chapter 70-711, Laws of Florida, Repealed by Chapter 83-422, Laws of Florida

At least 12 times annually
Children's Services Center
3191 Clay Mangum Lane
Tampa, FL 33618

Member Position / Appointed By Dates of Service
Mr. Thomas Avino  -      6/06/2012-
Mr. Joshua Bent     6/19/2013-
Ms. Carmi Brown  -  7/14/2010-
Mr. Herman Broxton    4/08/2008-
Sgt. Ruth Cate    1/08/2014-
Ms. Ann Dolgin    5/21/1987-
Ms. Ailyn Flores     3/20/2013-
Dr. Stacy Hahn     9/17/2014-
The Honorable Sally Harris    3/04/2015-
Ms. Dianne Hart    7/14/2010-
Mr. Ryan Higgins    1/22/2009-
Ms. Nora Johnson Head Start Policy Council - Member  5/20/2015-
Ms. Jodie Luster    6/19/2013-
Mr. James Martin Jr.     8/02/2012-
Ms. Diania Pimenta    6/18/2014-
Mr. Alex Quinn     8/02/2012-
Sgt. Jeffrey Schiro  HC Sheriff's Office 10/16/2013-
Pastor Andrew Shaw     6/05/2013-
  Head Start Policy Council - Alternate   
  FL Department of Children and Families  


Contact Information

Nancy Russ
Family & Aging Services

3191 Clay Mangum Lane
Tampa, FL 33618
813-264-3807 x102