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Reported Road Closures
Schedule Of Reported Road Closures For County Roads
The following Hillsborough County roads are those where permits have been granted for scheduled closure. 
** Indicates date extension
Closings last updated: Thursday, October 16, 2014. This list is sorted by road name.

Road From To Reason Closed From Closed To Alternate Rt.
 24th Avenue SE SR 674 11th Avenue SE Lane widening and reconstruction 10/20/2014
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From 24th Street SE to East College Avenue to 27th Street SE to 11th Avenue SE to 21st Street SE to 24th Street SE
N. 53rd Street  E. Sligh Avenue Cumberland Drive Water main repair 09/25/2014
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From N. 53rd Street to Cumberland Drive to N. 50th Street to E. Sligh Avenue to N. 53rd Street 
 Cobia Drive Trout Street Tarpon Drive Sewer line repair 10/01/2014
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From Cobia Drive to E. Tarpon Drive to Bass Street to Trout Street to Cobia Drive
 Davis Drive 12th Avenue S Charles Drive Repair water main 10/10/2014
  5:00 PM
  4:00 PM
From Davis Drive to 12th Aenue S to Kirkland Drive to Charles Drive to Davis Drive
 FawnRidge Circle Wood Branch Drive Wood Branch Drive Service or Main repair 09/30/2014
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From FawnRidge Circle to Wood Branch Drive to FawnRidge Circle
N. Gomez Avenue  W Waters Avenue W. Silver Lake Avenue Water main repair 09/29/20414
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From N. Gomez Avenue to W. Silver Lake Avenue to N. Paddock Avenue to W. Waters Avenue to N. Gomez Avenue
West Idlewild Avenue North Dale Mabry Highway North Himes Avenue Replace sewer manhole ring and cover 10/01/2014 9:00 AM 10/16/2014 4:00 PM From West Idlewild Avenue to North Dale Mabry Highway to West Lambright Street to North Himes Avenue to West Idlewild Avenue
Johns Road 
Benjamin Road Yorkshire Road Install concrete pile 05/12/2014 9:00 PM 11/10/2014 6:00 AM Johns Road to Benjamin Road to Hillsborough Avenue to Gorge Road to West Clifton Street to Yorkshire Road to Johns Road
 Knights Griffin Road US Highway 301 Pless Road 10/03/2014
  12:00 AM
  4:00 AM
Gas line testing Various law enforcement officials will be detouring traffic
 Old Hopewell Road East of Highway 39 (CR39) George Henry Road Cross Drain Failure 09/30/2014
  3:00 PM
  4:00 PM
From Old Hopewell Road to Keysville Road to Henry George Road to Old Hopewell Road
 N. Pebble Beach Boulevard Sun City Center Boulevard North Course Lane Connect sanitary sewer line open cut across four lane divided road 10/28/2014
  9:00 PM
  7:00 AM 
From N. Pebble Beach Blvd northbound to Augusta Dr to Cherry Hills Dr to La Jolla Ave to N Pebble Beach Blvd or From N Pebble Beach Blvd southbound to Council Dr to Valley Forge Blvd to Rickenbacker Dr to N. Pebble Beach Blvd
 Rhodine Road Ramble Creek Drive Balm Riverview Road Removal and replacement of existing 36 CMP with 36" RCP pipe that will cross Rhodine Road 10/25/2014
  7:00 AM
  6:00 PM
From Rhodine Road to Balkm Riveview Road to Symmes Road to US Highway 301 to Rhodine Road
 E. Shell Point Road 21st Street SE Laguna Mill Drive Roadway repair for entry and travel lanes for Vince Thompson Elementary 10/18/2014
  7:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From E. Shell Point Road to s/o 21st Street SE to w/o College Avenue to n/o 15th Street SE to E. Shell Point Road
 E. Sligh Avenue Williams Road I-75 Water main replacement in association with CIP 31971 10/23/2014
  9:00 AM
  7:00 PM
From E. Sligh Avenue to Williams Road to US Highway 92 to US Highway 301 to E. Sligh Avenue
Southside Lane Lime Tree Lane South 78th Street Repair water line 09/201/2014 9:00 AM 10/03/2014 4:00 PM Southside Lane to South 78th Street to Morning Glory Lane to Lime Tree Street to Southside Lane
West Waters Avenue Benjamin Road Sitka Avenue Demolish inside existing bridge deck 09/01/2014 9:00 PM 0/16/2014 6:00 AM East Sligh Avenue to Harney Road to East Hillsborough Avenue to Orient Road to East Sligh Avenue
 Wildrose Drive Wildrose Drive (off Hanna Road) Wildrose Drive Replace crossover pipe 09/23/2014
  3:00 PM
  5:00 PM
From Wildrose Drive to Wildrose Drive