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Reported Road Closures
Schedule Of Reported Road Closures For County Roads
The following Hillsborough County roads are those where permits have been granted for scheduled closure. 
** Indicates date extension
Closings last updated: Friday, January 23, 2015. This list is sorted by road name.

Road From To Reason Closed From Closed To Alternate Rt.
 2nd Street S.E. Shell Point Road 2nd Avenue S.E. Rpalce Bridge#104317 over Ruskin inlet 12/18/2014
  8:30 AM
  5:00 PM
From 2nd Street SE to Shell Point Road to US Highway 41 to 2nd Avenue SE to 2nd Street SE
 24th Street SE 3rd Avenue SR674 Full reconstruction of new southbound lanes of 24th Street SE  12/10/2014
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From 24th Street SE to East College Avenue to 21StreetSE to 3rd Avenue SE to 24th Street SE
 N. 59th Street at Soaring Avenue   Repair broken pipe in the street that has caused a cave-in  in the street near our man hole. 01/06/2015
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From N. 59th Street to E. 127th Avenue to N. 58th Street to E. 122nd Avenue-City of Tampa will be responsible for the detour of Temple Terrace Roadway Detour
W. Burke Street N. MacDill Avenue N. Habana Avenue Emergency pipe collaspe at Burke Street pump 12/19/2014
  1:00 PM
  5:00 PM
From W Burke Street to N Habana Avenue to W Paris Avenue to N MacDill Avenue to W Burke Street
 Henderson Road  W. Waters Avenue W Linebaugh Avenue  5K Road Race 01/10/2015
  7:00 AM
  10:00 AM
 Law Enforcement will handle the detour
Johns Road 
Benjamin Road Yorkshire Road Install concrete pile 05/12/2014 9:00 PM 07/01/2016
6:00 AM
Johns Road to Benjamin Road to Hillsborough Avenue to Gorge Road to West Clifton Street to Yorkshire Road to Johns Road
 N. MacDill Avenue W. Idlewild Avenue W. Burke Street New 10" sanitay sewer for Burke Pump station 01/19/2015
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From N. MacDill Avenue to W. Burke Street to N. Lincoln Avenue to W. Idlewild Avenue
 Rockledge View Drive Rockledge View Drive Rockledge View Drive Repair damaged storm pipe 12/01/2014
  8:30 AM
  5:00 PM
From Sanford Hill Drive to Rockledge View Drive to Snowden Hall Place to Rockledge View Drive
N. Valrico Road  Martin Luther King Boulevard E. Wheeler Road Storm water culvert replacement 12/03/2014
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From N. Valrico Road to Martin Luther King Boulevard to N Kingsway Road to E. Wheeler Road to N. Valrico Road
Walter Hunter Road Hendry Road Lithia Pinecrest Road Replacing storm culvert which crosses Walter Hunter Road  01/19/2015
  8:30 AM
  5:00 PM
From Walter Hunter Road to Lithia Pinecrest Road to E. Keysville Roadto Welcome Road to Walter Hunter Road
 Williams Road Harney Road Joe Ebert Road Harey Road & Williams Road Improvements 02/02/2015
  9:00 AM
  4:00 PM
From Williams Road to Harney Road to Tom Folsom Road to Joe Ebert Road to Williams Road
Williams Road Harney Road U.S.Highway 301 Constructing new N/B lanes across Williams Road 01/19/2015  9:00 AM 01/30/2015  4:00 PM From Williams Road to Harney Road to Walker Road to US Highway 301 to Williams Road