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Procurement Services

Procurement handles purchasing for Hillsborough County and other constitutional officers to ensure that residents receive the best value for their tax dollars.

What's New?

Hillsborough County has implemented a new Oracle computer system called "iSupplier." Suppliers must be registered in iSupplier to view the status and history of any purchase order(s) issued, as well as view the status of receipts, invoices and payments. Registered suppliers will also use iSupplier to receive email notifications of current bid opportunities, download solicitation documents and submit bids online.

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Our Customer Service Standards

Register to Do Business with Hillsborough County - iSupplier Registration. If you experience issues during the registration process, contact Hillsborough County's Oracle Help Desk at 813-307-7160.


DM/DWBE Certification/SBE Registration

If you are a minority or small business and wish to become certified/registered in the County's Development Programs click the registration box above.

Types of Contracts

Procurement includes purchasing goods and services, including construction and the selection of architects, engineers, surveyors, mappers and landscape architects. Service providers register under the State of Florida's Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA).


Hillsborough County Procurement operates under a Cone of Silence provision, which prohibits communication outside the procurement process. The full ordinance is available as an appendix to Hillsborough County's Procurement Manual.

Hillsborough County has delayed the implementation of the Uniform Guidance procurement standards until October 1, 2017, as provided in 2 CFR §200.110. In the interim, the existing County Procurement Policy and Procedures and the OMB Circulars will continue to apply.