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Consumer Protection Agency

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Hillsborough County's Consumer Protection acts as the intake agency for consumer complaints alleging various unfair or deceptive business practices involving the purchase of everyday goods and services. This department also regulates and administers County ordinances and issue licenses for the Pain Management Clinics and Personal Injury Protection Medical Providers.

The Consumer Protection Agency has also developed award-winning community outreach and education programs, working actively in the community to provide information and assistance with issues relating to unfair and deceptive business practices. The agency publishes a monthly newsletter and appears in local television consumer feature stories on a regular basis.

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Additional Information 
What We Don't Do
While we can provide consumer information and potential options available for many situations, Consumer Protection Agency employees are prohibited from:
  • Providing any legal advice
  • Representing consumers in legal actions
  • Forcing or ordering a business to provide a specific resolution 
In some cases, the consumer will need to pursue their own case in court and seek legal advice from a qualified attorney.

Consumer Protection Video Series
  • Part 1 - Landlord/Tenant - Before Entering a Lease Agreement