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Hurricane Shelters
Have a Plan
If you must evacuate, plan now where you are going to go. The best plan is to take your family, pets, and your disaster supply kit to a friend's or relative's house that is outside the evacuation zone. Public hurricane shelters should be a last resort. While they are safe places to be in a storm, personal space, comfort and privacy are limited. The public hurricane shelter will provide you with meals and a safe place during the storm but you will need to bring certain items with you. More information is available in the annual Disaster Planning Guide.

Types of Shelters
Hillsborough County has two types of hurricane shelters, general population shelters and special needs shelters. The county partners with Hillsborough County Public Schools and the American Red Cross to operate general population shelters and with the Hillsborough County Health Department to operate the special needs shelters.

Shelter Availability
The decision to open shelters will depend on the severity of the storm as well as local needs. Even if a shelter is on the official list it may not be opened or may change status during the approach of a storm. Specific shelter locations to be opened will be announced through local television and radio stations, Hillsborough County Emergency Management website, and available by calling 813-272-6900. Please do not call 9-1-1 for shelter or storm information. 

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For further information, please contact the Office of Emergency Management.