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Historic Preservation
Hillsborough County’s role in the history and development of Florida is reflected today in its historic resources. Through its historic preservation program, Hillsborough County is working to recognize and protect these resources. The program, adopted in 1992 as part of Hillsborough County’s Land Development Code (Part 3.03.00), established the Historic Resources Review Board (HRRB), a process for designating landmarks in unincorporated Hillsborough County and creating guidelines for their treatment. The purpose of the program is to foster planning that encourages the continued use and preservation of historic sites and structures. The Development Services Department administers the program and provides staff support for the HRRB.

Designating Sites as Landmarks
Each year, the Review Board identifies buildings and sites that it will recommend for designation as landmarks to the Board of County Commissioners. Selection of these sites is based on recommendations from the general public, historic preservationists, and other interested parties. Once the sites have been selected, the designation process begins with a series of meetings and public hearings to consider their eligibility. The final step in the process is a public hearing before County Commissioners to designate the site based upon in its architectural and historical significance.

Design Guidelines
Following designation as a landmark, staff works with property owners who may wish to rehabilitate their homes or make alterations. Design guidelines and a preservation plan are developed to assist property owners with maintenance and protection of the landmark’s historic character. The design guidelines give direction as to appropriate rehabilitation or other alterations, which might affect the exterior of the building. The preservation plan for each site suggests methods of long-term preservation by documenting the current condition of the structure, identifying immediate needs, proposing appropriate measures to increase the life of the building and site, and identifying economic incentives for rehabilitation.

Since 1992, over two dozen sites have been designated as Hillsborough County landmarks, representing the social, political, and economic development of the county. Without this program, these sites would have no protection or recognition. Through this program, significant sites are being protected and preserved for future generations.