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Medical Examiner
Mission Statement
The Medical Examiner Department has two missions:
  • Investigate to determine cause of death
  • Dispose of unclaimed human remains

Death Investigations
Death investigations are conducted when a death is:
  • Caused by disease related to employment
  • Suspected of being by violent causes
  • Under suspicious or unusual circumstances
  • While in apparent good health

These investigations often require an autopsy.

A death investigation is also required if a body is to be disposed of by cremation. These investigations often do not require an autopsy. The death investigations are conducted by physicians with a specialty in forensic pathology, known as medical examiners. The medical examiners are assisted by a staff of investigators and technicians. Autopsy reports are available from the Medical Examiner Department. Death certificates are available from the Florida Department of Health.

Unclaimed Human Remains Disposal
Unclaimed human remains are dead bodies for which there are no known next of kin, or the next of kin are unable to take financial responsibility for burial or cremation. The county disposes of unclaimed remains by cremation and does not offer any viewing or funeral services.

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Medical Examiner
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