Find My Trash/Recycling Collector & Schedule

We are divided into five residential solid waste collection districts. One of the three companies we contract serves each district. They handle household, recycling and yard waste collection in their assigned areas.

How to Search

  1. Enter your house number in the top box
  2. Enter your street name in the second box
  3. Click "Find Address"
  4. A map will appear and populate with the house numbers
    • The house numbers can take a few moments to appear
  5. After the map populates with the address numbers, click yours and the results tab in the panel on the left will show you:
    • Your district 
    • Your provider name, address, phone, fax, and email
    • Your  scheduled days for trash, recycle and yard waste

Find my collector

What if I have a missed pick-up? 

Call your specific provider to report a missed pickup or other issues with your trash or recycle collection, or you can report it on our site:

  • Waste Management of Florida, Inc. (813) 621-3053
  • Republic Waste Services (813) 265-0292
  • Progressive Waste Solutions (813) 248-3802