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This ramp and launch facility is for the use of Bay Crest residents, who register for a free permit and decal with the special taxing district.
This is a non-staffed park providing boat access to Lake Thonotosassa.
Apollo Beach Skate Park is an 11,000 square feet park that opened in 2012. This unique park is shaped like a three-pointed star with an elevated center. The points allow skaters to keep a constant flow while on their boards. In addition to the real street experience at Apollo Beach Skate Park, be...
This is a non-staffed sports complex. Additional information Learn more about our Sports & Athletics programs.
This is a non-staffed park. It features a community center that is available for rental. Call (813) 635-8179.
We offer a variety of activities and events for active adults age 50 and older. Participants must be residents of Hillsborough County and at least 60 years old to qualify for the noontime meal program. Please call for up-to-date information. Center Phone Number: (813) 307-3566