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Learn what materials are collected for recycling in your community. Not all recyclable materials are accepted in curbside collection programs. Act to reduce the amount of waste you produce, recycle more, and buy products made with recycled content. Encourage one family member or...
Did you know Hillsborough County recycles nearly 562,000 tons of garbage into energy annually? That’s enough recycled energy to power almost all the homes in Valrico for an entire year.
Together We Have Made Tampa Bay the Top Recycling Region in Florida Local governments across Tampa Bay have teamed up to improve recycling efforts in the region.  No matter which Tampa Bay area community you call home, all residential recycling programs throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas...
You don't need a green thumb to take advantage of the money-saving, time-sparing, and environmentally sound practices of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In fact, many of the techniques make yardwork easier and more fun. America Recycles Day, on Wednesday, Nov. 15, is a great time to commit to some of...
Our efficiency programs are designed to save you money, cut consumption and reduce environmental impacts. We can help you slash your water bills, recycle items that are cluttering up your closets and garage, or connect you with information on innovative energy solutions.