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Application Cycle Closed

The application cycle for the Special Events Partnership Grant is currently closed. Please check back in December for updates.

The Special Events Partnership Grant is for events organized by nonprofit organizations only. The grant is designed to strengthen and promote cultural assets through growing and supporting arts and cultural events that encourage place-making and community-building outcomes aligned with Hillsborough County’s economic and community prosperity goals. These events should communicate the authentic County story, activate public spaces, enrich the lives of residents, and leverage private sector financial support while aligning to economic development objectives of achieving greater patron spending and maximizing visitation to our market.

A cultural asset, for the purposes of this program, is defined as a contributing element of the County’s uniqueness, personality, and character, which falls under one or more of the following categories:

  • Fine arts
  • Historic
  • Natural and or recreational
  • Lifestyle, culinary, and or creative industries

Available grant funds are competitively awarded to selected applicants and are issued as reimbursements for actual cash expenses.


  • This grant is for events organized by nonprofit organizations only
  • The special event must be held in a publicly accessible location within Hillsborough County
  • A special event can be a one-day event, a multi-day event occurring on consecutive days, or a related series of events over an extended period of time
  • All special events must be inclusive (no limits on who may purchase tickets or attend)
  • The special event cannot already receive Hillsborough County funding through certain County programs. See the “Leveraging County Funding” section of the grant program guidelines for more details
  • This is a grant reimbursement program only; reimbursements are made on cash outlays only
  • Eligibility requirements and grant guidelines

Things To Consider

  • The program is not for maintaining an event as it currently exists. This program is intended for new, emerging events and significantly expanding the impact of existing events.
  • Applications are judged on the project’s ability to strengthen and promote cultural assets, economic impact and community benefit, cultural/artistic merit of project, and financial and administrative oversight.
  • Download the Special Events Partnership Grant Guidelines
    • The guidelines answers basic questions for the completion of the grant application and explains administrative requirements related to an award

How To

When the cycle reopens, we will post a link to the online application.

Get Help

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