The EDI2 Program

Economic Development Innovation Initiative

Hillsborough County is growing technology and innovation startups, jobs, and private investment by strengthening the services and resources that directly support entrepreneurs through our Economic Development Innovation Initiative (EDI2).

About EDI2

EDI2 has a program-oriented framework, providing grant funding and support for large-in-scale events or opportunities that enable entrepreneurs to achieve success. Within the EDI2 program there are strong outcome metrics and an alignment of the program with other Hillsborough County initiatives such as the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center, Innovation District Initiative, and the Battelle Biosciences Action Plan.

Growing Great Ideas

Through the EDI2 program, Hillsborough County is strengthening services and resources such as high quality mentors and support structures, access to capital, collaboration of entities, commercialization of research, and advocacy that directly support entrepreneurs.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Increase connections to high quality mentors and support
  • Enhance access to capital for technology and innovation start-up entrepreneurs
  • Facilitate collaboration among existing resources and be a clearinghouse for entrepreneurs
  • Support the commercialization of institutional research
  • Align county resources to be an “advocate-in-chief”, participating in ecosystem organizations, and supporting research, educational and business development efforts

Join the Conversation

Homebrew Hillsborough is Hillsborough County’s free monthly collaborative coffee networking for techies and entrepreneurs. Conversations are hosted at local community business resources and provide real-time relevant tech talks and tours. This is a great opportunity for businesses, local innovators and entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in helping strengthen and grow our local economy to come together to network, share ideas, collaborate, ask for help and offer it.

EDi2 Grants

The EDi2 program provides up to $500,000 annually in competitive grants, with an emphasis on developing high-quality mentorship and support, and access to capital.

Pre-application meetings with staff are strongly encouraged.

More Information and Applications for Funding

For more information email or call (813) 272-6217.