Employee Retirement Benefits

The following retirement options are offered to employees of Hillsborough County:

Florida Retirement System (FRS)

All Hillsborough County employees are part of the Florida Retirement System. The plan has two options in which employees contribute 3 percent of their pay, and the County contributes a percentage.

The plan choices are:

  • Pension Plan
    • New employees become vested after 8 years.
    • Employees who joined the FRS prior to July 1, 2011 are vested after 6 years.
    • The plan pays a set lifetime monthly benefit.

  • Investment Plan
    • Employees are vested after 1 year.
    • Plan is designed for a mobile workforce, with all contributions going into a portable individual account that the employee manages.

Deferred Compensation Plan


In addition to the FRS, you can participate in our deferred compensation retirement plans. When you enroll in one of the tax-deferred plans, you will set the amount to deduct from each paycheck, and we will contribute 1 percent of your salary into the plan of your choice. Unlike the FRS, this retirement benefit is not automatic, so you must enroll to receive it.

For more information, contact Human Resources at (813) 272-5130.