Grant Awards & Proposals Database

The data contained in the GAP database represents a compilation of grant awards received and grant proposal applications submitted by organizations of Hillsborough County, including presently the Board of County Commissioners, the Environmental Protection Commission, the Sheriff’s Office, the Supervisor of Elections, and the 13th Judicial Circuit Court. This data is updated on a monthly basis and is generally available by the first of each month.

Currently, the amount of grants awarded to Hillsborough County represents in dollars 2.59 percent of the total FY 16 adopted budget, and 6.81 percent of the operating budget. We encourage you to learn more about how the grants received by the County add to community prosperity by visiting Our Projects page.


Glossary of terms for proposal and award files

Grant Name:

Name of grant title on award received.

Grant Description:

Synopsis of grant project or activities.

Funding Source:

Entity providing grant award, a.k.a. Grantor.

Revenue Type:

  • Federal = Economic aid issued by the United States government directly to Hillsborough County.
  • Federal Pass-Through = Pass-through funding is where funds received from a grantor are distributed to a third-party, and all regulatory requirements placed upon the original grantee are passed through to the third-party entity in the form of a sub-recipient agreement. Federal pass-through indicates the funds originated from the U.S. federal government.
  • Other = Any funding awarded to the County that is not federal or state.
  • State = Economic aid issued by the State of Florida government directly to Hillsborough County.
  • State Pass-Through = Funding that originated from the State of Florida but has been passed through to Hillsborough County by a third-party entity in the form of a sub-recipient agreement.

Award Amount:

Dollar value of the grant awarded.

County Org. or Agency:

The BOCC department or Constitutional office receiving the award.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance No. (CFDA): The CFDA No. is a unique number by federal agency and program that follows the program throughout the assistance life-cycle enabling data and funding transparency for federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public.

Catalog for State Financial Assistance No. (CSFA): The CSFA No. is a unique number assigned to Florida state projects to assist users obtaining general information on state projects and identifying state projects that meet specific objectives.



  • SUBMITTED: Proposal has been successfully submitted to granting agency.
  • PENDING: Proposal is in its "dwell" time. A usual dwell time is up to 6 months from the deadline date for submission.
  • RECEIVED: Proposal has been awarded and the grant is moved to the Active Awards file.
  • DID NOT RECEIVE: Proposal was not funded by granting agency. If an award is not received, the proposal is removed from the proposal file during the month in which the County received notice it was not being funded, but is kept in month submitted for an
    overall accounting of the County's performance.

Start Date:

For proposals, the date on which the County would like to begin work on the grant project. For awards, the date on which the
County can incur expenditures against the award and be reimbursed by the grantor.

End Date:

The date upon which the period of performance ends and the County may no longer charge expenditures against the award.


Many municipal grants require a match (a.k.a. cost share); these funds reflect other revenue sources the County is providing to
fulfill the objectives of the grant award and project.

Total Program Cost:

The true and total costs to the County in fulfilling the grant project.

Date Submitted:

For proposals, the date upon which the grant application is due to the granting agency.

Proposal POC:

The County point of contact pertaining to the grant application.