Sponsor an Event or Activity

Hillsborough County government provides a wide variety of public services, events, activities, projects and programs that touch the lives of more than 1.2 million residents. Sponsorships are an important part of many of these public services, helping to offset the County's costs and providing greater value and enjoyment for the participating public.

As a sponsor, your organization has the opportunity to effectively and easily promote its mission, products and services to niche and target audiences in the Tampa Bay community. Explore our sponsorship opportunities to discover ways you can reach families, seniors, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, businesses, community leaders, community associations, advocacy groups and more.

Many County sponsorship opportunities allow you to choose how you'd like to sponsor: either by providing a monetary contribution or by providing certain products and services in-kind. Sponsors providing our desired in-kind products or services will be recognized at the sponsorship level that matches the purchase price or retail value of those contributions.  For more information, please contact the appropriate sponsorship coordinator listed for the event.

Sponsorship opportunities

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