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The County shall only accept Offers through its Electronic Bidding System. Offers delivered by non-electronic means, facsimile, electronic mail (e-mail) or electronic means other than through the County's Electronic Bidding System will not be considered.

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Helpful information about bid opportunities

  • Make sure that you have a username (your e-mail that you registered with) and password set up.
  • Make sure that your commodity codes are listed in your Supplier cloud-based portal account, if not, please add them into your account. This is the only way to receive e-mail notifications of future bid opportunity notifications.
  • You can have as many Supplier cloud-based portal  logins as you need, but only one person, alphabetically by last name, receives the bid opportunity e-mails. If you need to change the main contact person who receives e-mail notifications, you can log into your Supplier cloud-based portal  account under task manager and select contact directory, and add the number 1 in front of the last name of who you want as the main contact. Example: Mary 1Smith
  • If you need further assistance please contact us at (813) 272-5790 or
Yes, you can log into the Supplier cloud-based portal  in the contact directory and add a “1” in front of the login’s last name of the person that you want and that e-mail will receive all future bid opportunities.
Review the bid opportunity abstract and look for the purchasing contact’s name. View our purchasing contact list. Please note: Hillsborough County operates under a Cone of Silence Provision, which prohibits communication outside the procurement process.


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