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The Disadvantaged Minority/Disadvantaged Women Business Enterprise (DM/DWBE) programs provide an opportunity for disadvantaged minority/disadvantaged women to participate in the County's procurement program which includes construction, contractual services, professional consulting services, and commodities.


There are no fees associated with apply for DM/DWBE Certification.


Businesses must meet the following eligibility qualifications:
  • Principally domiciled in the State of Florida
  • Minority  or woman must control the management and daily operations and own at least 51% of the firm
  • Minority or woman must also hold the professional license for the business, if this is appropriate
  • Employs 50 or fewer people
  • Net worth of the business cannot exceed $4,000,000 or less for firms that are not in the construction industry or $5,000,000 or less for firms that are in the construction industry

Eligible minority groups:

  • African-American
  • Hispanic
  • Asian American
  • Native American
  • Women are considered a minority group for the purposes of this program


  • In construction, project by project MBE goals are established for projects valued over $200,000
  • An MBE Bonus Point system is used for professional consultant selection
  • Periodic seminars and workshops are conducted for the firm’s benefit (such as the Small Contractor Development Program)

Things To Consider

  • We require certified DM/DWBEs to complete and submit the recertification/reregistration renewal application every 2 years for a review of their program eligibility status
  • As a prerequisite to recertification, you must provide evidence completing a total of at least eight (8) hours of formal business training during the prior two-year period
    • We will accept attendance at institutions within the State of Florida that are accredited to offer business-related courses
    • You are exempt from the  eight-hour formal business requirement if your businesses has been in business for more than 10 continuous years
    • The qualifying minority or woman owner must take the training
  • If you submit a timely application for recertification, you will remain certified until the MBE/SBE Division has made a new determination of eligibility


Reciprocity shall be granted to MBE firms that are principally domiciled in the State of Florida and have been certified by a governmental local jurisdiction situated in the State. Reciprocity shall be for one six-month (6-month) period. Certification beyond may be granted after review of the firms certification application submitted to Hillsborough County.

How To

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Apply for DM/DWBE Certification link
  3. Click create account
  4. Fill out and submit the application

What's Next

We will review the application and notify you of the results.



Certificación y Registro minoría pequeña empresa son los servicios proporcionados sin costo alguno para los propietarios de negocios. Uno-a-uno y asistencia en idioma español con las aplicaciones y la documentación está disponible llamando Rita Sauri al (813) 307-8309 para programar una cita.

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