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Please note: iSupplier works best with Microsoft Edge

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Hillsborough County’s online vendor portal is called “iSupplier.” iSupplier structures all vendor and bid communication inside a secure and responsive web portal.

iSupplier gives vendors access to information in real time and allows for vendors to submit responses electronically. Vendors have access to amendments and revisions as they occur and are able to participate in online discussions on questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

Vendors must be registered in iSupplier and have category codes listed in order to receive e-mail notifications of current bid opportunities, download solicitation documents, and submit bids online.


Gather the following information before registering on iSupplier:

  • Register for iSupplier with your IRS registered name only and not your DBA (doing business as) name
  • Your TAX ID/FEIN or Social Security number
  • The category codes for the goods and services that your company provides. This allows for automatic notification of bid opportunities matching your products. Learn about category codes.
  • iSuppler works best with Microsoft Edge
  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, iSupplier will time out. If this happens, you may restart the registration process from the beginning, or you can contact for assistance.
  • Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for logging in for the first time. Please allow up to three business days to receive this email.
  • Please be sure to check your SPAM or JUNK e-mail folder for any correspondence from our Oracle system titled "workflow mailer" and please mark the e-mail not as SPAM or JUNK so future notifications do not get sent there.
For help, see the iSupplier Training and Help page. 

Things To Consider

  • iSupplier works best with Microsoft Edge web browser. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other browsers outside of our recommendations such as Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Oracle Java
  • Completion of your registration can take up to three business days
  • If there is a bid deadline approaching on an opportunity that you are interested in, please email Procurement or call us at (813) 272-5790

Things To Know

  • Vendors are responsible for adding or inactivating iSupplier logins in their contact directory so that the primary e-mail contact is receiving all bid notification e-mails
  • Bid notification e-mails are only sent to one iSupplier contact, alphabetically by last name, unless the workaround is applied
    • Instructions for the workaround are in the iSupplier Vendor Training manual that is e-mailed once the iSupplier account has been registered and approved
  • Vendors are also responsible for adding or deleting category codes to their iSupplier account to ensure that bid notification e-mails will be e-mailed to the primary contact

Having trouble registering? Use these tips to complete your registration: 

I never received my iSupplier temporary password e-mail?

  • Check your SPAM folder e-mail. The e-mail comes from an Oracle e-mail address titled “Workflow Mailer.” 
  • If this e-mail is in your SPAM folder please mark the e-mail “Not as Spam,” so future bid notification e-mails do not go there.
  • If you still did not receive this e-mail after you received our confirmation e-mail, please email or call (813) 272-5790.

I am receiving error messages during iSupplier registration?

Use only Microsoft Edge to access iSupplier. Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. are not supported and will not display bid opportunity information correctly.

I am receiving an error message when I add the tax country during iSupplier registration?

  • We recommend using the Microsoft Edge web browser as other browsers are not compatible
  • For the tax country field, click the “Search” icon
    • A popup window will appear (if not, you need to disable the popup blocker) 
    • In the search field, enter letters “Uni” for United States and hit “Go” 
    • Then select the “Quick Select” icon for United States

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