Supplier Category Codes

County procurements are classified using Category Codes also know as Commodity Codes or Products and Services Codes. Adding category codes to your Supplier account ensures that you will be automatically notified of bid opportunities based on those codes.

See List of Codes

Useful tips

  • Add as many relevant codes as you can to maximize your bid opportunities
  • You can log in and update your choices at any time
  • Suppliers are responsible for adding and maintaining your Supplier Category Codes in your Supplier account
  • Do not select the "XXX.00" Category Code as you will not be notified of bid opportunities

Understanding Category Codes

  • Enter only a 3-digit Class number to be notified about all subcategories
    • Example: Enter 425 for all office furniture bid opportunities, regardless of subcategory
  • Include the 2-digit Code number to specify only one subcategory
    • Example: Enter 425.20 for metal desks and tables
  • Class no. 0-899 refer to products. Class no. 900 and up refer to services

Category Code example

Finding your Category Codes

  1. Open the list of codes.
  2. Search (CTRL+F) the document for your company’s offerings
    • Find as many potential matches as you can
    • Search for synonyms (e.g. ‘furniture’ and ‘furnishings’)
    • Search for partial words (e.g. ‘furni’ to find both)
  3. Write down your codes.
  4. Register or access your Supplier account and enter your category codes according to the instructions.

Need help?

See our Supplier Training page for more information or call (813) 272-5790.